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$11,624/day with Shopify Dropshipping | How I Scaled to $300k/mo. with TikTok Ads

11,624/daywithShopifyDropshippingHowIScaledto11,624/day with Shopify Dropshipping | How I Scaled to 300k/mo. with TikTok Ads

In this article, we will dive into the success story of Spencer Glasow, an e-commerce entrepreneur who has achieved significant milestones in his Shopify dropshipping business. Spencer aims to break through the noise of the scammer gurus and provide valuable insights into his journey. With his meticulous approach and dedication, Spencer has reached almost 9,000indailysalesandhasspentaround9,000 in daily sales and has spent around 2,500 on TikTok ads. Let's take a closer look at his strategies and tactics.

Spencer's e-commerce business revolves around a one-product store with a 29pricepoint.Hisaverageordervalueisapproximately29 price point. His average order value is approximately 30-$31, making it a relatively low-cost product. He emphasizes the importance of persistence, acknowledging the moments when he was on the verge of giving up. However, his perseverance paid off, and now he shares his valuable experiences with others.

One crucial aspect of Spencer's success lies in his utilization of TikTok as an advertising platform. He has set up multiple campaigns and constantly tests different approaches recommended by various gurus. Spencer found that setting the budget high on a cost cap has yielded the best results for him. By maxing out the budgets for various ad groups, he leverages the AI algorithm to drive targeted traffic to his website. The tactic involves setting high daily budgets, such as 5,000oreven5,000 or even 10,000, to optimize the algorithm's performance. The algorithm then distributes the budget efficiently across different ad groups. This strategy helps drive traffic at a relatively low cost per click.

To further enhance his TikTok ads' effectiveness, Spencer regularly monitors and adjusts his budgets. By increasing the budgets for high-performing ad groups, he signals TikTok to spend more on those specific groups, effectively scaling his business. This approach has resulted in outstanding cost per acquisition (CPA) numbers, with conversions ranging from 13.85to13.85 to 14.77.

Spencer also recognized the importance of diversifying his sales channels. In addition to Shopify, he tapped into the potential of Amazon to reach customers who prefer purchasing on the platform. By listing his product on Amazon, he has achieved nearly $1 million in sales on that platform. This move helps maximize his sales by catering to the shopping preferences of different customers.

The success Spencer has achieved with TikTok ads is truly remarkable. He emphasizes the need to understand the platform and allow the algorithm to optimize campaign performance over time. Initially, he experienced a slight loss, but once the algorithm kicked in, his ads started generating impressive results. TikTok, in his opinion, behaves similarly to Facebook in its early days, providing highly targeted traffic at an affordable cost.

Spencer shares his insights and experiences to help aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs excel. He recommends starting slowly and simply, testing various products one at a time. He acknowledges the importance of learning from mistakes and advises newcomers to consider dropshipping instead of dealing with inventory directly. Spencer suggests starting with dropshipping to minimize risks associated with stocking inventory.

Throughout his journey, Spencer has learned valuable lessons and is willing to impart his knowledge through his YouTube channel and free Discord channel. He aims to provide guidance, answer questions, and support others who are in the same position he was in when he started his entrepreneurial ventures.

As Spencer continues to draw attention to his success, he plans to share more in-depth strategies on setting up campaigns, optimizing Shopify stores, and refining copywriting skills. His goal is to empower others with actionable information that can lead to their own e-commerce triumphs.


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Q: How did Spencer achieve such high daily sales in his Shopify dropshipping business? A: Spencer attributes his success to his dedicated approach, focusing on TikTok ads, and strategically optimizing campaigns through cost caps and high daily budgets for ad groups.

Q: What role does TikTok play in Spencer's e-commerce strategy? A: TikTok serves as the primary advertising platform for Spencer, where he spends a significant portion of his ad budget. The platform's algorithm-driven targeting and cost-effective traffic have yielded remarkable results for his Shopify dropshipping store.

Q: Is it necessary to list products on Amazon as well? A: While not essential, Spencer recommends diversifying sales channels by including Amazon. This allows for additional sales opportunities, especially for customers who prefer purchasing on the Amazon platform.

Q: What advice does Spencer offer to newcomers in the e-commerce industry? A: Spencer advises starting slowly and simply, testing products one at a time. He also encourages individuals to consider dropshipping instead of managing inventory directly to mitigate risks and minimize upfront costs.

Q: How can one learn more from Spencer's experiences? A: Spencer shares his insights through his YouTube channel and offers a free Discord channel for further guidance and support. He aims to provide valuable content and respond to questions from aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.