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$26,922.56 tiktok dropshipping from scratch. (store + product reveal) 2024

$26,922.56 TikTok Dropshipping from Scratch (Store + Product Reveal)

In this article, we will delve into a successful TikTok dropshipping case study where a beginner entrepreneur was able to generate an impressive revenue of $26,922.56 in just a little over two weeks using Shopify Dropshipping. We will explore the strategies, campaigns, and overall day-by-day approach to scaling the store quickly. You will also find a product reveal and store review at the end of the article.

Store Owner Background

The store owner, Remos, is a beginner in the world of dropshipping. He had never found a winning product before this venture, and this was his first successful attempt. Seeking higher revenue numbers, he enlisted the help of a friend, Adam, to assist with some offer changes. With these tweaks, they were able to achieve remarkable results, including 11,000,11,000, 33,000, and even 6,000days.However,duetosomecashflowandadcreativeissues,Remoshadtoshutdownoneofhisstoresaftertwoweeks.Nevertheless,hestillachievedover6,000 days. However, due to some cash flow and ad creative issues, Remos had to shut down one of his stores after two weeks. Nevertheless, he still achieved over 25,000 in revenue and around $122,000 in profit.

Testing Campaigns and Strategies

Remos began his testing campaigns on December 11th, starting with a simple testing campaign with five creatives and a buy one get one free offer. Although it was breaking even and slightly profitable, he decided to switch to a bundle offer, creating a new testing campaign with three new videos. This change proved to be promising, with one video showing a 2.46% CTR, $1.40 CPA, and a 2x ROAS.

To scale the store rapidly, Remos employed a surf scaling strategy, mainly focusing on scaling CBOs (Campaign Budget Optimization). He duplicated successful campaigns and cut off underperforming ones. Throughout this process, he was able to achieve impressive results, hitting 2.5K,2.5K, 3K, and even $5K days. However, as the days progressed, he noticed a decline in performance and creative effectiveness.

Profit and Cost Analysis

Remos's total revenue during this two-week period was 26,922.56.However,itisessentialtoconsiderthecostsinvolved.Thecostofgoodswasapproximately26,922.56. However, it is essential to consider the costs involved. The cost of goods was approximately 5,000, while the ad spend on TikTok ads amounted to around 7,900.Aftersubtractingtheadspendfromtherevenue,Remoshadatrueprofitofapproximately7,900. After subtracting the ad spend from the revenue, Remos had a true profit of approximately 12,000. This equates to an impressive profit margin of about 50%.

Product and Store Review

The winning product in this case study was a personalized thong. Despite initial concerns of saturation and competition, Remos approached the marketing angle differently, focusing on the emotional value the product could provide to customers looking to make their partners happy. By understanding the desires of the target audience and creating unique marketing angles, Remos was able to outperform the competition and achieve remarkable profit margins.


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Q: How long did it take for Remos to achieve these results? A: Remos achieved $26,922.56 in revenue in a little over two weeks.

Q: What strategy did Remos use to scale his store? A: Remos employed a surf scaling strategy, focusing on scaling Campaign Budget Optimizations (CBOs) and duplicating successful campaigns while cutting underperforming ones.

Q: How much profit did Remos generate? A: Remos achieved a true profit of approximately $12,000 after subtracting the cost of goods and ad spend from the revenue.

Q: What was the winning product in this case study? A: The winning product was a personalized thong, which Remos marketed with a unique angle focused on making partners happy.

Q: Did Remos face any challenges during this venture? A: Remos experienced cash flow and ad creative issues, which ultimately led to shutting down one of his stores after two weeks. However, he still achieved significant revenue and profit during this period.