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*3 NEW METHODS* How To Make $2,000,000 AFK Every Single Day in GTA Online!

Title: 3 NEW METHODS: How To Make $ 2,000,000 AFK Every Single Day in GTA Online!

Are you a GTA Online player looking for the best and easiest ways to go AFK while maximizing your earnings? In this article, we will guide you through three new methods to help you make the most money possible while AFK. Whether you own a facility, a CEO office, or have access to the casino, we've got you covered. So get ready to set yourself up for maximum profits and learn how to take advantage of these AFK methods.

Method 1: AFK in a Facility
If you own a facility and have the orbital cannon upgrade, this method is for you. Simply enter surveillance mode on your orbital cannon screen and leave it there. You won't get kicked from the game, but remember to plug in your controller to avoid running out of battery.

Method 2: AFK in the Casino
Head to the casino and make your way to the inside track area. Sit down at one of the betting screens and stay on this screen. You can remain in this state as long as you want without being kicked from the game.

Method 3: AFK in a CEO Office
To use this method, you'll need to own a CEO office and at least one garage floor. Enter your office and stay on the screen that allows you to go inside. Ensure that you own at least one garage floor for this method to work effectively.

Before going AFK, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Disband your CEO or MC Club to avoid potential issues, and make sure you are in an invite-only lobby as public lobbies can cause random disconnections. Now that you know how to go AFK, let's focus on setting yourself up to make the most money possible while you're away.

Setting Up for Maximum Profits
To maximize your earnings while AFK, it's essential to have a strategic setup. Here's what you need to do before going AFK:

  • Clean out all the safes in GTA Online, including those in your nightclub, arcade, and agency.
  • Ensure your nightclub popularity is at maximum. Rebook DJs at the computer in your basement floor to avoid unnecessary cutscenes and save time.
  • Fully restock any passive businesses you plan to use while AFK, such as the bunker, acid lab, and MC businesses.
  • Assign Technicians in your nightclub to source goods for your crate warehouses. Each warehouse can potentially yield 1 to 3 crates while you are AFK.

Now that you're all set up, it's time to enter AFK mode. Choose any of the methods mentioned earlier and go AFK for as long as needed. Remember to plug in your controller or take necessary measures to avoid running out of battery.

Results and Profits
After several hours of being AFK, it's time to reap the rewards. Here's what you can expect:

  • Collect money from your nightclub safe, arcade safe, and agency safe. This alone can amount to over $ 1 million in free money.
  • Check the profits generated by your nightclub warehouse and sell the goods (approximately $ 800,000 or more).
  • If you own an acid lab, sell the fully restocked acid for around $ 29,000.
  • Visit your crate warehouses and collect potentially over $ 100,000 in extra profits.
  • Utilize the master control terminal in your arcade to oversee and sell goods from other passive businesses like the bunker, MC businesses, and cash factory (a combined potential profit of close to $ 1 million).

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  • Is it safe to go AFK in GTA Online?
    Yes, as long as you follow the recommended methods and play in invite-only lobbies, it is generally safe to go AFK. Just ensure you take precautions to prevent any potential disconnections or disturbances.

  • How long should I go AFK for?
    The duration depends on your personal schedule and needs. Whether you go AFK while at work, school, or overnight, it's up to you. However, try to avoid excessively long periods to prevent an unnecessary increase in electricity consumption.

  • Can I make money through passive businesses while AFK?
    Yes, passive businesses such as the nightclub warehouse, crate warehouses, bunker, MC businesses, and cash factory can generate profits while you are AFK. By setting up a proper strategy and restocking before going AFK, you can accumulate substantial earnings.

  • Are there any risks involved with these AFK methods?
    While the mentioned methods are generally safe, it's important to disband your CEO or MC Club and play in invite-only lobbies. Public lobbies can be unpredictable and lead to disconnections or unwanted disturbances. Stay aware of any potential updates or changes by Rockstar Games that may affect these methods.

Now that you know the best and easiest ways to make money AFK in GTA Online, it's time to set yourself up for maximum profits and enjoy the benefits while you're away. With these methods, you can steadily accumulate substantial earnings and make your virtual criminal empire thrive. Stay safe, and happy gaming!