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❤️ How I Made $12,160 Before the New Year - Binary Trading | Make Money Online | Live Trading

❤️ How I Made $12,160 Before the New Year - Binary Trading | Make Money Online | Live Trading

In this article, I will share my experience of live trading and how I made a profit of $12,160 just before the start of the new year. I am a professional trader and I love to finish the year on a high note with good trades. So let's dive into the details of my trading session.

Live Trading Session

I started my trading session by analyzing the market and checking the indicators I had. The main indicator I focused on was the Super TR, which consists of a red and green line on the scale. With this indicator, I identified a rising trend in the CAD/JPY pair, as it reached its highest point at 107.647. This indicated that the price was likely to go up, so I placed a long trade and waited for a minute.

The trade turned out to be successful, and I made a profit of $340. Encouraged by this result, I moved on to the next trade.

Next, I analyzed the CAD/CHF pair and noticed a falling trend. I could see a shady candlestick and the indicator showed a red line, suggesting that the price was going down. I placed a short trade and waited for a minute. The trade went as expected, and I made a profit of $652.

Buoyed by my success, I then looked at the CAD/CHF pair, which was in a rising trend after a correction. The indicator showed a green line, confirming the upward movement. I placed a long trade and waited for a minute. This trade turned out to be highly profitable, and I made a profit of $1,920.

I continued trading with other pairs like USD/BRL and USD/JPY, focusing on the indicators and the candlestick movements. Each trade was carefully analyzed, and I made profits ranging from 1,920to1,920 to 3,780. It was a great trading day with easy-to-read market movements.


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Q1: How did you determine the market movements using the Super TR indicator? A1: The Super TR indicator consists of red and green lines on a scale. The red line indicates a falling trend, while the green line indicates a rising trend. By analyzing the movements of these lines and the price chart, I could determine the market direction.

Q2: How did you make profits in binary trading? A2: In binary trading, I made profits by placing trades based on the market analysis. I identified the trends using indicators and candlestick movements, and then placed trades accordingly. By accurately predicting the market direction, I was able to make profits.

Q3: Can you provide more details on your trading strategy? A3: My trading strategy involves analyzing multiple indicators and candlestick patterns to identify potential market movements. I focus on trends and look for trade setups that have a high probability of success. Risk management is also an important aspect of my strategy to ensure consistent profits.

Q4: Is binary trading a reliable method to make money online? A4: Binary trading can be a profitable way to make money online if you have a solid trading strategy and put in the necessary time and effort to learn and improve your skills. However, it's important to note that trading involves risks, and it's essential to approach it with caution and proper risk management.

Q5: Can you provide more information on the indicators and tools you used in your trading session? A5: In this trading session, I mainly relied on the Super TR indicator to determine the market trends. Additionally, I analyzed candlestick movements and used a charting platform to track price movements. It's important to have a good understanding of the indicators and tools you use in trading to make informed decisions.

Overall, my live trading session before the new year was a success, and I was able to make a significant profit. By analyzing market trends, using indicators, and implementing a sound trading strategy, I was able to take advantage of favorable trading opportunities. Remember, trading involves risks, and it's crucial to educate yourself and practice risk management to reduce potential losses and increase your chances of success.