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[TikTok Ads Tutorial] The Best Tagalog Step-by-Step Training for Beginners #TikTokAds

[TikTok Ads Tutorial] The Best Tagalog Step-by-Step Training for Beginners #TikTokAds

On this YouTube video from Jay Gregorio, viewers are taken through a detailed tutorial on TikTok ads, discussing key aspects such as user demographics, average time spent, and user engagement. The tutorial delves into setting up TikTok ads using the business manager platform, creating campaigns, selecting placements, designing ad content, and optimizing for conversions.

Gregorio emphasizes the importance of paying attention to TikTok as a growing social media platform and highlights the potential for businesses to leverage its reach and engagement. The tutorial provides practical guidance on setting up and running ads on TikTok, making it a valuable resource for beginners looking to explore advertising on this popular platform.


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  1. What are the key user demographics and engagement statistics mentioned in the tutorial?
  2. How does the tutorial guide beginners through setting up and running TikTok ads using the business manager platform?
  3. What are the key recommendations and tips provided in the tutorial for optimizing TikTok ad campaigns for conversions?
  4. How does the tutorial emphasize the growing importance of TikTok as a social media platform for businesses and advertisers?
  5. What practical insights and steps does the tutorial offer for those looking to leverage TikTok ads for their business marketing strategies?