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1दिन के 2000 तक कमाओ ? #shorts @ManojDey make money online best earning app

1दिन के 2000 ?तक कमाओ ? #shorts @ManojDey make money online best earning app

Look at the proof here I have referred five friends and I got Rs. 06, on one friend. I get Rs. 00 and within two days I get Rs. 00 easily. I will show you that I have also withdrawn Rs. 00 from here. I am withdrawing successfully, ok and go to invite, I will show you guys that I had referred five friends and got ₹ 42 from one friend. Ok, you will get ₹ 42 from one friend. If you People want to earn, there is a link in the description and there is a link in the comment. If you want its full video, then you can go to my channel and watch it.


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  1. What is the main concept discussed in the article? The article discusses a method to earn money online through referrals and withdrawals from a specific earning app.

  2. How many friends does the person claim to have referred in the article? The person claims to have referred five friends in the article.

  3. What amount did the person receive from one friend as per the article? The person received Rs. 42 from one friend as mentioned in the script.