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1 Week Dropshipping Challenge ($0 To $1,000)

1 Week Dropshipping Challenge (0To0 To 1,000)

In this article, we will explore a 1-week dropshipping challenge where the goal is to take a store from making zero dollars to making $1,000 a day. The challenge involves setting up a dropshipping store from scratch and utilizing either a viral TikTok trend or a problem-solving product with paid advertising on TikTok. The chosen option is to find a proven problem-solving product and use the power of paid advertising to drive sales. The focus of this challenge is on quick results, making paid ads a more effective approach within the given timeframe.

Step 1: Choosing the Option

The two options are as follows: Option A involves identifying a viral TikTok trend, creating a dropshipping store around it, and relying on TikTok blowing up to generate sales. Option B entails finding a proven problem-solving product and using paid advertising on TikTok to reach potential customers. Although Option A has the potential for high profitability, Option B is chosen due to the limited timeframe of the challenge and the need for a faster sales turnaround.

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Step 2: Setting up the Dropshipping Store

The next step involves creating a well-designed dropshipping store. While platforms like Shopify are commonly used for this purpose, the challenge opts for a professional service called Pushify to build the website. This service offers 20 free store creations, ensuring a high-quality and effective website design. The created website showcases a hair split ends trimmer product, which is a problem-solving item that has gained popularity on social media, particularly among women. The website is sleek, simple, and visually appealing, with clear features, benefits, and customer service information.

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Step 3: Running Ads

To drive traffic and generate sales, the challenge utilizes TikTok ads. The ads are set up with the goal of conversion targeting, focusing on the US and Canada audiences aged 18 and above. The ads are kept simple, targeting interests related to beauty and hairstyling. The ads are published and monitored daily to track their performance. After just one day, the ads generate significant sales and show potential for reaching the $1,000 goal.

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Within three days of running ads, the challenge proves successful, generating a total of $545 in sales. The chosen problem-solving product demonstrates high conversion rates and profit margins. The challenge also highlights the importance of consistent testing, refining ads, and allowing TikTok algorithms to optimize performance. This success showcases the profitability and viability of dropshipping, proving that it is accessible even for those with limited resources.


Q: How long does it take to set up a dropshipping store? A: With the help of professional services like Pushify, a dropshipping store can be set up within a week.

Q: Do I need a large budget for paid advertising? A: While a budget is required for paid advertising, the challenge demonstrates that profitable results can be achieved even with a limited budget.

Q: Is TikTok a suitable platform for dropshipping? A: TikTok has the potential for high reach and engagement, making it an effective platform for dropshipping, especially for viral trends or problem-solving products.

Q: Do I need previous experience in e-commerce to succeed in dropshipping? A: While previous experience can be helpful, this challenge demonstrates that beginners can achieve success in dropshipping with careful product selection, strategic advertising, and constant testing and optimization.

Q: How can I find the right product for my dropshipping store? A: Product research tools like Mini can help identify trending and problem-solving products with high sales potential. Additionally, keeping an eye on social media trends can provide valuable insights.