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10 Outdated TikTok Tips To AVOID In 2024

10 Outdated TikTok Tips To AVOID In 2024

TikTok has become a global phenomenon, with millions of users sharing videos and trying to grow their presence on the platform. However, not all advice about TikTok is created equal, and there are certain tips that you should stop following immediately. In this article, we will debunk 10 outdated TikTok tips that are killing your views and wasting your time.

1. Posting at specific times:

Many people believe that posting at specific times when their followers are online will increase their views. However, the algorithm doesn't prioritize the timing of your posts. Instead, focus on creating high-quality content that engages viewers.

2. Hashtag strategies:

Using specific hashtags does not guarantee that your account will grow. While hashtags provide valuable data to the algorithm, it's the quality of your video and viewer engagement that determines its success. Avoid relying solely on hashtags for views.

3. Typing keywords on the screen:

Some TikTok users used to believe that typing keywords on the screen and swiping them off would help with search rankings. However, this tactic doesn't impact the algorithm's categorization. The algorithm already analyzes the audio and captions to determine what your video is about.

4. Posting and ghosting:

Posting a video and then leaving the app in the hope that the algorithm will push your video for more views is a myth. The algorithm rewards videos that keep viewers engaged and watching, not simply notifications. Focus on creating compelling content rather than relying on this strategy.

5. Follow for follow and buying followers:

Building a large follower count through follow-for-follow schemes or buying followers may seem appealing but ultimately harms your account. These followers are unlikely to engage with your content, leading to low views and reduced visibility.

6. Asking for likes and follows:

While it may seem logical to ask for likes and follows at the end of your videos, it actually reduces engagement. Viewers often tune out at the end, resulting in lower watch times. It's better to end your videos abruptly, increasing watch time percentages and attracting more viewers.

7. Posting excessively:

The idea of posting three to five times a day to grow quicker can backfire. Flooding your feed overwhelms your followers, leading them to swipe past your videos. Quality over quantity is key. Focus on creating fewer, but higher-quality videos that will attract more views.

8. Reposting viral content:

Previously, reposting viral videos was a successful strategy. However, due to an influx of recycled content, TikTok has cracked down on this practice. Violating the original content policy can result in zero views and potential account bans. Instead, create new and original content.

9. Deleting underperforming videos:

Even if a video doesn't receive many views or faces a glitch, avoid deleting it. Deleting videos and reposting them appears spammy to the algorithm, harming your account. Move on and focus on creating new and improved content.

10. Believing in shadowbanning:

Shadowbanning on TikTok is often misunderstood. Low views are more likely due to the quality of your videos, not a shadowban. Focus on improving your content rather than searching for ways to circumvent a shadowban.

These outdated TikTok tips may have once held some truth, but they no longer align with TikTok's algorithm and best practices. Focus on creating high-quality content, engaging with your audience, and staying consistent to make the most of your TikTok experience.

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Q: Should I post videos at specific times? A: No, posting at specific times does not impact your TikTok views. Focus on creating engaging content instead.

Q: Do hashtags guarantee more views on TikTok? A: Hashtags provide data to the algorithm but don't guarantee views. The quality of your video and viewer engagement matter more.

Q: Is it worth buying followers on TikTok? A: Buying followers may temporarily increase your numbers, but they are unlikely to engage with your content and can harm your account in the long run.

Q: Is it true that reposting viral videos will boost my views? A: No, TikTok has cracked down on recycled content. Reposting can result in zero views and potential account bans. Focus on creating new and original content.

Q: How can I avoid being shadowbanned on TikTok? A: Shadowbanning is often misunderstood. Instead, focus on creating high-quality videos, engaging with your audience, and improving your content to enhance visibility.