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In this article, we will discuss Jordan's 14-day TikTok organic dropshipping challenge. Jordan shares his experience, techniques, and results during this period. Let's dive into the details!


Jordan introduces himself and his intention to document a 14-day dropshipping challenge. He aims to show the techniques, methods, and what worked and didn't work during this timeframe.

The Challenge

Jordan explains that his dropshipping journey started to pick up steam after the 14th day. While day 14 was uneventful, day 15 marked the turning point where things started to blow up. Although he shares exciting numbers and screenshots of his success, the video mainly focuses on the journey leading up to day 15.

Product Research

Jordan used a method called "The TikTok Burner Method" for product research. This involved scrolling through TikTok for a few days, looking for potential products. He stumbled upon a product that had little competition and quickly built a website for it. Surprisingly, the product wasn't even available on popular platforms like Amazon, so he had to source it from eBay.

Initial Approach and Ads

Jordan's initial approach was to copy his competitor's ads and offer a slightly lower price with free shipping. He also planned to introduce bundle deals and upsells later on. However, he soon realized that this basic approach didn't generate desired results.

Struggling to Go Viral

In the early days of the challenge, Jordan struggled to go viral on TikTok. Despite posting good quality videos, he couldn't achieve the desired level of engagement. He experimented with different hashtags and posting times, but the viral breakthrough eluded him.

Change in Strategy

Around day 11, Jordan decided to switch up his offer. He introduced a "free plus shipping" model, where customers had to pay only for shipping. This new approach attracted more attention, and his videos started gaining traction. He also rectified a mistake in his website settings that limited purchases to the US only.

Positive Results

Following the change in strategy, Jordan experienced a surge in sales. Day 12 proved to be a turning point, with 11 sales and a significant increase in website traffic. The "free plus shipping" offer worked well, and the videos sparked interest among viewers.

The Conclusion

The challenge concludes on a positive note, with Jordan making a profit of $200 over the 14 days. While he encountered some ups and downs, he learned valuable lessons about viral marketing, product research, and adjusting his strategy to meet customer demand.


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Q: How did Jordan find the product for his dropshipping challenge? A: Jordan used a method called "The TikTok Burner Method" to find the product. He scrolled through TikTok for a few days, looking for a product with low competition.

Q: Did Jordan face any challenges during the challenge? A: Yes, Jordan faced challenges in going viral on TikTok and initially using a basic approach in his ads. However, he made strategic changes to his offer and approach to overcome these challenges.

Q: What was the turning point in Jordan's challenge? A: The turning point came around day 11 when Jordan introduced a "free plus shipping" offer. This change generated more interest and led to increased sales and website traffic.

Q: What were the overall results of Jordan's 14-day challenge? A: Jordan made a profit of $200 over the 14-day challenge. Despite some initial setbacks, he learned valuable lessons about marketing, product research, and adjusting strategies to meet customer demand.