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28 TikTok Hacks That Feel Illegal To Know (How to Optimize TikToks To Get Views)

28 TikTok Hacks That Feel Illegal To Know (How to Optimize TikToks To Get Views)

TikTok has become a popular platform for content creators to showcase their creativity and reach a wide audience. If you're looking to increase your views on TikTok, here are 28 hacks that might give you an edge. These hacks will help you optimize your TikToks and make them more engaging and appealing to viewers.

Hack #1: Use Text-On-Screen Videos

One effective way to increase watch time on your TikTok videos is by using 5 to 8-second videos with text on the screen. This allows viewers to read the text while the video is playing and looping multiple times. By providing value through the text and keeping viewers engaged, you can increase your watch time and ultimately get more views.

To give your videos a boost, especially while a sound is popular and being used all over the platform, pair them with trending sounds. The algorithm tends to show videos that use trending sounds to more people. Keep an eye on creators who provide trend alerts to find the latest trending sounds and use them to your advantage.

Hack #3: Optimize Your For You Page

Ensure that your For You page shows you the best content from your niche by following successful creators in your space. Consistently indicate that you're not interested in videos unrelated to your content. This turns your For You page into a valuable research tool, helping you stay up to date with trends and topics that are getting the most views.

Hack #4: Look for Outlier Content

When exploring successful creators' profiles, keep an eye out for videos that have significantly more views than their usual content. Replicate your own version of these outlier videos as they have already proven to be successful. While this doesn't guarantee viral success, it increases your chances of getting more views on your videos.

Hack #5: Repost Videos that Didn't Perform

If you think you had a great video that didn't perform well initially, consider reposting it after a few weeks. Sometimes, videos don't gain enough initial watch time to be pushed further by the algorithm. By reposting, you might have better luck and get more views. Avoid deleting the original video as it may still gain traction over time.

Hack #6: Use Hashtags and Keywords

Including relevant hashtags and keywords in your video descriptions helps the TikTok algorithm understand your content better and improves discoverability. It assists the algorithm in categorizing your videos and showing them to the appropriate audience. While the importance of hashtags and keywords diminishes over time, they are valuable tools to increase your initial reach.

Hack #7: Shorten Your Content

When aiming to increase watch time, shorter videos often perform better in terms of average watch time percentage. If you're struggling with longer TikToks, try being more concise and getting to the point faster. Shorter videos are more likely to hold viewers' attention and increase their watch time.

Hack #8: Focus on Creating a Strong Hook

The first 3 seconds of your TikToks are crucial for grabbing viewers' attention and preventing them from swiping to the next video. Invest time in creating a strong hook that intrigues viewers and piques their curiosity. Just like a title and thumbnail on YouTube, the hook is vital in enticing viewers to watch more of your video.

Hack #9: Use Visual Hooks or Headlines

Reduce the swipe rate on your videos by incorporating visual hooks or headlines. Encourage viewers to stay and watch your content by making it visually appealing or presenting a captivating headline. The fewer people that swipe away, the more views and watch time your videos will accumulate.

Hack #10: Utilize Pattern Interrupts

Keep viewers engaged and interested in your videos by incorporating pattern interrupts. These can be as simple as changing camera angles, employing jump cuts, or adding additional text or visual elements every 7 seconds. These interruptions help break monotony and retain viewers' attention throughout the video.

Hack #11: Use Captions

Include captions in your videos to improve watch time and reach more viewers. Many people watch TikTok with their sound off, especially at night or when there's background noise. By enabling captions, you provide an alternative way for viewers to engage with your content and ensure they don't miss out on valuable information.

Hack #12: Leverage the Grammar Police

If your auto-generated captions contain typos, take advantage of the grammar police. Whenever they spot a mistake, they often comment on the video, increasing your watch time as the video continues playing in the background. Embrace these comments and use them to engage with viewers while also improving your watch time.

Hack #13: Respond to Every Comment

Engagement is key on TikTok, and responding to every comment helps build community and loyalty. By taking the time to reply to comments, you show your audience that you value their input and care about their questions or opinions. Every comment contributes to your watch time and can help increase the visibility of your videos.

Hack #14: Build a Community

Creating content that helps your viewers and responding to their comments cultivates a sense of community. When your audience feels cared for, they become more invested in your content and more likely to watch and engage with your videos regularly. Building a community fosters trust and loyalty, resulting in increased watch time and views.

Hack #15: Use Terms or Acronyms without Explanation

To create engagement, repeatedly use terms or acronyms without providing the definition within your current video. This piques viewers' curiosity and prompts them to ask about the meaning. You can then either reply to their comments with the definition or create a separate video answering their questions. Encouraging interaction helps boost engagement on your videos.

Hack #16: Respond to Comments with Videos

One of the most effective TikTok hacks to gain views is responding to comments with videos. When you reply to a comment with a video, it appears in the feed of everyone who watched the original viral video. This can lead to tens of thousands of views for your reply, especially if your viral video mentioned a digital product or service you offer. Utilize this strategy to engage your audience and potentially convert views into customers.

Hack #17: Make FAQ Videos

As your engagement grows, you'll notice recurring questions from your audience. This is a clear sign that you should create FAQ videos. Addressing common queries not only helps your viewers, but it also generates valuable content ideas. Plus, by replying to comments and providing additional information, you foster engagement, which can lead to more views.

Hack #18: Repeat Successful Topics

Pay attention to the videos that consistently perform well and repeat those topics. These successful videos indicate what resonates with your audience. Don't hesitate to create more content on similar topics, as the majority of TikTok viewers are new to your profile and haven't seen your previous videos. Repeating successful topics helps attract new followers while keeping existing ones engaged.

Hack #19: Remake Your Top Videos

If you've had a video that gained significant traction, consider remaking it. Use the same hook, headline, and bullet points to reach new audiences. Your original video's success indicates that the content resonated with viewers, making it an excellent candidate for replication. Revisiting your best-performing videos allows you to capitalize on their success and attract more views.

Hack #20: Reuse Proven Formats

If you've found a format that works well for your content, reuse it. Whether it's a successful hook or a specific type of video, incorporating proven formats helps streamline your content creation process. These formats have already shown to resonate with your audience, increasing the likelihood of gaining more views and engagement.

Hack #21: Turn Your Best Topics into a Series

Transform your best topics into a series of videos. By exploring a topic in-depth through multiple videos, you provide valuable content to your viewers. While not every video in the series may go viral, one or more of them are likely to perform exceptionally well. Viewers who discover these videos will visit your profile to find more, resulting in increased views across your series.

Hack #22: Add a Cover to Your Videos

For longer-form content and talking-head videos, add a cover to make it stand out on your profile. When creating a video description, you can select "add cover" and include text that acts as a title or thumbnail for your video. This allows viewers to quickly skim through your profile and click on videos that interest them, leading to higher click-through rates and watch time.

Hack #23: Optimize Your Bio and Content Relevance

Ensure your bio and content are highly relevant to your target audience. When someone discovers one of your videos and clicks on your profile, you want them to see a resume-like bio that clearly communicates your value and appeal. Make it easy for them to understand that your content is for them, building trust and increasing the likelihood of a follow, link click, or purchase.


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  • Visual hooks or headlines
  • Captions
  • Grammar police
  • Community building
  • Terms or acronyms
  • FAQ videos
  • Repeat successful topics
  • Remake top videos
  • Reuse proven formats
  • Series of videos
  • Adding a cover
  • Bio and content relevance


Q: How can I increase my views on TikTok? A: There are several strategies you can try:

  1. Use text-on-screen videos to increase watch time.
  2. Pair your videos with trending sounds for increased visibility.
  3. Optimize your For You page by following successful creators in your niche and indicating relevance to your content.
  4. Repost videos that didn't perform well initially and try again.
  5. Use hashtags and keywords to enhance discoverability.
  6. Create shorter, more concise content to increase average watch time percentage.
  7. Focus on creating strong hooks within the first 3 seconds to grab viewers' attention.
  8. Utilize visual hooks or headlines to prevent viewers from swiping away.
  9. Incorporate pattern interrupts every 7 seconds to keep viewers engaged.
  10. Provide captions to cater to viewers who watch with the sound off.
  11. Engage with the grammar police to increase watch time through comments.
  12. Respond to every comment to boost engagement and build a community.
  13. Repeatedly use terms or acronyms without explanation to create curiosity and prompt interaction.
  14. Respond to comments with videos to gain more views.
  15. Make FAQ videos to address common viewer questions.
  16. Repeat successful topics and remake your top-performing videos.
  17. Reuse proven formats to streamline content creation.
  18. Turn your best topics into a series to generate more views.
  19. Add a cover to your longer-form videos to stand out on your profile.
  20. Ensure your bio and content are highly relevant to your target audience for better engagement and conversions.

Q: How can I optimize my TikTok content for better engagement? A: Here are some tips:

  1. Focus on creating strong hooks within the first 3 seconds to grab viewers' attention.
  2. Use visual hooks or headlines to reduce the swipe rate on your videos.
  3. Incorporate pattern interrupts every 7 seconds to maintain viewer interest.
  4. Utilize captions to cater to viewers who watch with the sound off.
  5. Engage with the grammar police to increase watch time through comments.
  6. Respond to every comment to boost engagement and build a community with your audience.
  7. Repost videos that didn't perform well initially to give them a second chance.
  8. Use hashtags and keywords to enhance discoverability.
  9. Create shorter, more concise content to increase average watch time percentage.
  10. Turn successful videos into series for in-depth exploration of a topic.

Q: Should I reuse the same topics or formats on TikTok? A: Yes, if a video or format has performed well in the past, there's no harm in reusing it. Since the majority of viewers on TikTok haven't seen your previous content, repeating successful topics or formats allows you to attract new followers while keeping existing ones engaged. Just ensure that your content remains fresh and engaging even if you're covering familiar ground.