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In this article, we will be discussing a thrilling challenge where a Shopify Dropshipping store is built from scratch in just 72 hours, without any initial investment. The entire process will be shared step-by-step, starting from finding a winning product to launching advertisements and ultimately revealing the results. So, let's dive into this exciting journey!

The Winning Product

The first step in this challenge is finding a winning product. The "burner method" on TikTok is used to discover trendy Shopify products. By creating a new TikTok account and searching for Shopify winning products, one can like various videos related to these products. This action populates the feed with a plethora of potential products to choose from. Additionally, popular hashtags like "Amazon finds" or "TikTok made me buy it" can be explored to stumble upon interesting products. The aim is to identify a product that is both viral and in high demand.

After rigorous searching, a mini portable pet hair removal tool is chosen as the winning product for this challenge. Its appeal lies in the fact that around 70% of households own pets, resulting in excessive pet hair shedding. Thus, this product fills a genuine need and presents a significant market opportunity.

Building a Shopify Store

With the winning product selected, the next step involves creating a Shopify store. For this challenge, a simple one-product store is preferred to maintain focus and clarity. The store's layout should be user-friendly, especially for mobile users, as social media ads will be the primary source of traffic.

To lend a professional touch, a logo can be designed using the free design tools available on websites like Canva. Once the store is set up, the selected product can be imported using an app called Zen Drop. This app allows seamless integration with the Shopify store, automating the order fulfillment process.

Marketing and Advertising Strategy

In order to drive traffic to the Shopify store, a marketing and advertising strategy is essential. Ideally, one would record their own videos showcasing the product, but due to the time constraints of this challenge, pre-existing viral TikTok videos are chosen instead. These videos are reposted using a green screen filter effect to avoid detection and copyright infringement.

The aim is to post three to five TikTok videos per day across multiple accounts. Consistency is key to remaining visible in the TikTok algorithm. While initially gaining traction and views may be challenging, persistence is crucial to ultimately achieving viral success.

The Results

After three full days, the moment of truth arrives. Despite not having high expectations, the challenge proves successful as two sales are made, resulting in a profit of twenty dollars. It's worth noting that this outcome is particularly rewarding considering it was achieved within the limited timeframe of the challenge. The focus on finding a winning product, combined with organic TikTok marketing, proves to be an effective strategy.


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  1. How can I find winning products for my Shopify store?
    • Utilize the "burner method" on TikTok by creating a new account and searching for Shopify winning products.
    • Explore popular hashtags and platforms like Amazon to discover trendy and viral products.
  2. Is it necessary to record my own videos for marketing a product?
    • While creating original content is preferable, using pre-existing viral videos can be a time-saving approach, as demonstrated in this challenge.
    • Ensure you follow copyright guidelines and use the green screen filter effect to avoid detection.
  3. How important is consistency in achieving success with organic TikTok marketing?
    • Consistency is key to remaining visible in the TikTok algorithm.
    • Be persistent and continue posting regularly, even if initial results are modest.
  4. What is the significance of finding a winning product in dropshipping?
    • A winning product has high demand and offers a unique solution or value to customers.
    • It makes marketing and promoting the product easier, increasing the chances of success.
  5. Can I achieve profitable results in dropshipping within a limited timeframe?
    • While results may vary, as demonstrated in this challenge, it is possible to make sales and generate a profit within a 72-hour timeframe.
    • Focus on finding the right product and employing effective marketing strategies.

In conclusion, the 72 Hour Dropshipping Challenge highlights the potential for success in starting a Shopify store with minimal investment. By leveraging popular platforms like TikTok and employing a well-planned marketing strategy, it is possible to achieve profitable results. With patience, persistence, and a winning product, anyone can embark on a similar journey and experience the thrill of dropshipping success.