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A Day in a Life of a PAPPARICH Production & Supply Chain Manager at a Food Warehouse in Australia

A Day in the Life of a PAPPARICH Production & Supply Chain Manager at a Food Warehouse in Australia


This is Tang, a production and supply chain manager at Papa Rich Warehouse in Australia. Tang's day starts early as he drives to work every day since he doesn't live nearby. The weather in Melbourne can be unpredictable, but Tang is mainly indoor for his role, so rain won't affect his work.

At 8:00 AM, Tang arrives at Papa Rich's warehouse in Port Melbourne. He heads into his office where the Papa Rich team sits and checks the paperwork for the day. There's usually a lot to go through in the morning, but by 9:00 AM, Tang is done with all the paperwork and is ready to go to the warehouse.

Papa Rich's warehouse is quite big, with multiple sections for different purposes. There's a cool room and freezers where they store finished products, as well as fresh produce and raw materials. Tang checks the documents to ensure that all the items that were meant to arrive that day have arrived and are in order.

One of Tang's responsibilities is to check the freshness of the produce. He checks the weight and firmness of the items, such as onions, to determine their freshness. Once everything checks out, the production team peels the onions by hand, as they have a smaller order for the day.

Tang then moves on to the production room, where he observes the process of making sambal (chili) and satay sauce. Majority of Papa Rich's ingredients are sourced and produced locally in Australia. The satay sauce involves adding oil, garlic, onions, spices, and peanuts into a cauldron, which is then boiled and stirred for about half an hour until it's done. The sambal is made through a similar process, but the ingredients are tailored for the chili flavor.

Next in the process is making roti, a favorite among many. Tang watches as the basic ingredients like flour, sugar, salt, and milk are mixed in a large mixer. Once the dough becomes stretchy and thick, it is manually taken out and cut into smaller portions. Each portion is weighed to ensure consistency. The dough is then put into a roti molding machine, which shapes them into round balls. Each ball is placed on a tray, smeared with margarine, and frozen overnight for packing and delivery the next day.

By lunchtime, Tang takes a break and joins the team in the kitchen. They're having Korean fried chicken for lunch, and it looks delicious. After lunch, Tang returns to the warehouse to check on the packing process. The packed items, including the roti and sambal, are stored in the freezer room, ready for dispatch the next day.

At 3:00 PM, the truck arrives for loading. Tang meets with Derek, the warehouse manager, and hands him the list of items to be loaded into the truck. Derek operates the forklift and begins loading the items, ensuring they are stored properly in the truck's freezer.

Once everything is loaded, the truck is ready for its journey. It replicates the temperature of the warehouse freezer, ensuring the items stay frozen during transportation. The truck will deliver the items to Papa Rich's customers the following day.

At 5:00 PM, Tang wraps up his day by completing some administrative tasks. He places new purchase orders to suppliers and books interstate shipments for the next day. With everything done, Tang heads out, ready for his next adventure, dinner.



  • Production and supply chain manager
  • Papa Rich Warehouse
  • Port Melbourne
  • Supply chain
  • Warehouse
  • Paperwork
  • Fresh produce
  • Sambal (chili)
  • Satay sauce
  • Roti
  • Korean fried chicken
  • Truck delivery
  • Administrative tasks


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  4. How are roti made at Papa Rich Warehouse?
  5. What type of food do the employees at Papa Rich Warehouse have for lunch?
  6. How are items packed and stored at Papa Rich Warehouse?
  7. How are deliveries made from Papa Rich Warehouse?
  8. What administrative tasks does the production and supply chain manager handle?