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AI Powered Supply Chain Management Software with Shopify Integration | Focus 9

AI Powered Supply Chain Management Software with Shopify Integration | Focus 9

Are you tired of manually managing your inventory, sales processes, and reporting? Look no further! Focus 9 is an AI-powered supply chain management software that seamlessly integrates with Shopify, providing you with advanced automation features and real-time reporting. With Focus 9, you can save time, streamline operations, and stay ahead of market opportunities.

Achieve Inventory Finance and Reporting Automation

With the deep integration of Focus 9's AI supply chain management platform, you can achieve inventory finance and reporting automation like never before. Focus 9 offers three powerful automation features, including AI reporting, automated product creation and management, and streamlined order fulfillment. These features eliminate redundancy, save time, and allow your team to focus on new market opportunities.

Automation Features and AI Reporting

Automate product creation and management with Focus 9. Instead of creating and updating product and pricing information multiple times, you can update it once in Focus 9 and push the changes directly into Shopify. This automation feature not only saves time but also ensures accuracy in your inventory and pricing information. Customers browsing your website will see real-time inventory, thanks to Focus 9's integration that pushes updates from the warehouse and inventory directly into Shopify.

Streamlined Order Fulfillment and Returns

Managing and tracking order fulfillment is made easy with Focus 9. You can populate shipping labels, make notes, and view the timeline of tasks and communication between various departments. Returns can also be streamlined from the website to operations, allowing customers to make returns online and update receiving and customer service. Focus 9 integration simplifies the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience for both your team and customers.

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Focus 9 offers a comprehensive supply chain and inventory management platform. It allows you to plan and manage your supply chain, sales data, inventory, and materials storage from one system. Whether you have multiple locations, brick-and-mortar stores, or an online presence, Focus 9 supports omni-channel operations. It helps you stay ahead of perishable and expiring products, no matter the industry. From produce to chemical and pharmaceutical products, Focus 9 can track and manage all relevant data.

AI Reports and Analytics

Get actionable insights and reports with Focus 9's AI-powered reporting and analytics. The intuitive conversational AI allows you to ask questions and receive answers in real-time. With access to predictive analytics, you can make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Focus 9 empowers you to get the information you need quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a list of outstanding bills or detailed sales reports, the AI-powered reporting feature has got you covered.

Increased Communication and Alert Notifications

Focus 9 enhances communication and keeps you updated on important changes in your business. Through push notifications via email and SMS, you can stay alerted and informed about critical updates. Whether it's an inventory issue, a change in sales data, or any other important information, Focus 9 ensures that you never miss a beat. Stay connected with your team and make timely decisions based on the latest information.

Secure and Customizable ERP Solution

Focus 9 is a secure and customizable web-based ERP solution. It offers single sign-on functionality, making it easy to access the platform. The software is fully configurable and can be tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you operate a supermarket, multi-brand outlet, lifestyle store, or boutique, Focus 9 with Shopify integration can serve as your complete ERP and e-commerce operations management platform. It supports multi-language, multi-currency, and is available with both cloud-based or on-premises system hosting.

Interested in experiencing the power and efficiency of Focus 9 for your business? Contact one of our Focus evangelists today to schedule a free demo and learn more about how Focus 9 with Shopify integration can revolutionize your operations. Visit our website at or call 908-239-6275.


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Q: Can Focus 9 integrate with Shopify's inventory management system?
A: Yes, Focus 9 seamlessly integrates with Shopify, allowing you to update product price and inventory information once and push it directly into Shopify's inventory management system.

Q: Can Focus 9 track and manage perishable and expiring products?
A: Absolutely! Focus 9 is designed to handle various product types, including perishable and expiring goods. You can track and manage relevant data to ensure optimal inventory management for these products.

Q: How does Focus 9's AI reporting and analytics work?
A: Focus 9's AI-powered reporting and analytics enable you to ask questions and receive answers in real-time. With access to predictive analytics, you can gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions for your business.

Q: Is Focus 9 a secure ERP solution?
A: Yes, Focus 9 is a secure web-based ERP solution. It offers single sign-on functionality and customizable access controls to ensure the security of your business data.