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Affiliate Marketing on Tiktok WITHOUT Showing Your Face! (STEP BY STEP)

Affiliate Marketing on Tiktok WITHOUT Showing Your Face! (STEP BY STEP)

In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to start creating TikTok videos that have the potential to go viral without showing your face. This strategy will help you generate consistent affiliate commissions. If you're interested in making passive income without revealing your identity, read on for some valuable tips and techniques.


Many individuals who are looking to earn extra income without disclosing their identity have turned to TikTok. The platform's algorithm makes it relatively easy for videos to gain virality. In this article, I will share a couple of examples of successful TikTok profiles that have achieved significant traction without showing their faces. Additionally, I will reveal how they accomplished this, and suggest a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to create these videos for you.

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Example Profiles

Let's take a look at a few successful TikTok profiles that have garnered significant views and engagement without featuring the creators' faces.

  1. Profile: Fearless Mentality

    • Niche: Success Quotes & Motivation
    • Strategy: This profile shares videos with a black background and white text displaying success quotes. Additionally, they incorporate motivational clips from popular entrepreneurs and figures, such as Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn. While this profile lacks a clickable link in the bio, it is advisable to add an affiliate link to direct interested viewers to the relevant product or offer.
  2. Profile: Highp Quotes

  • Niche: Inspirational Quotes
  • Strategy: This profile features simple videos with captivating backgrounds, such as lakes, mountains, or manors. The videos display positive affirmations or inspirational quotes. Despite missing a link in the bio, creators can include a call-to-action in the caption, urging followers to visit the link in their bio for more information.
  1. Profile: Law of Attraction Abundance
    • Niche: Law of Attraction
    • Strategy: This profile combines visuals of luxurious mansions with affirmations related to abundance and the Law of Attraction. By complementing these videos with a suitable affiliate product and providing a link in the bio, the creators can potentially generate substantial sales.

Creating Videos with AI

To simplify the process of creating engaging TikTok videos, there is a tool that utilizes AI to generate content automatically.

Introducing, an online tool that allows you to create TikTok videos quickly and efficiently. By signing up for a free account, you gain access to numerous templates to aid in your video creation process. You can customize the text, select appropriate videos or images, and use AI-generated content for enhanced efficiency. While the free version offers limited functionality, you can consider upgrading to the paid option for only $15 per month, which removes the watermark and provides access to a wider collection of video templates.


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Q: Can I really make money through TikTok without revealing my face? A: Yes, by adopting appropriate strategies, focusing on niche content, and utilizing platforms like TikTok, it is possible to generate significant affiliate commissions without showing your face.

Q: Do I need a large number of followers to succeed on TikTok? A: While having a significant number of followers can certainly amplify your reach, it is not the only factor for success on TikTok. By creating high-quality, engaging content using AI-powered tools like, you can attract attention and generate traffic to your affiliate links.

Q: Are there any limitations on promoting affiliate links on TikTok? A: TikTok restricts the ability to include clickable links in the bio until you reach a certain number of followers. However, you can work around this restriction by directing your followers to visit the link in your bio through captions or overlays on your videos.

Q: How can I find suitable affiliate products for my TikTok content? A: Research products and services related to your niche or the content you create on TikTok. Affiliate networks or platforms can provide a wide range of options. Select products that align with your audience's interests and needs to maximize your earning potential.

Q: Can I repurpose content from other platforms for TikTok? A: Yes, you can repurpose content from other platforms, such as YouTube, blogs, or articles, as long as you have the necessary rights or permissions. This approach can save time and effort in creating TikTok content.

Q: Is it essential to use AI-powered tools like A: While AI-powered tools like can enhance your video creation process and save time, they are not compulsory. You can create compelling TikTok videos using other video editing software or apps, as long as they offer the necessary features and functionality.