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AliExpress Is DEAD! (Do This For 3-5 Day Shipping)

AliExpress Is DEAD! (Do This For 3-5 Day Shipping)

Drop shipping has been perceived as a dying industry, with cheap products from China, saturated markets, and long shipping times. However, these misconceptions fail to acknowledge the potential and profitability of e-commerce. In this article, we will debunk these myths and explain the number one issue with drop shipping, while also providing you with the solution to build a sustainable and successful e-commerce brand.

The Misconceptions Surrounding Drop Shipping

Many people believe that drop shipping is a trick, get-rich-quick scheme, or an overnight success story. However, these notions couldn't be further from the truth. Drop shipping is simply a fulfillment method, not a business model. It involves working with a third-party supplier to fulfill orders and directly ship products to customers, eliminating the need for inventory handling and reducing time, risk, and costs.

The main reason behind the negative reputation of drop shipping is the traditional approach of fulfilling orders through AliExpress. This platform fails to provide good product quality and suffers from long shipping times. In the era of Amazon Prime, customers don't want to wait for weeks to receive their orders. Additionally, dealing with customer complaints and refund requests becomes more time-consuming and costly. Furthermore, the lack of reliability in AliExpress and the fees imposed on transactions add more challenges for drop shippers.

The Benefits of Having a Private Supplier

The key to overcoming the issues associated with traditional drop shipping lies in finding a private supplier. By collaborating with a private supplier, drop shippers can offer faster shipping times, typically ranging from 2 to 5 days, by leveraging their warehouses in the target market. Negotiating better prices, shipping costs, and discounts becomes possible, as private suppliers are interested in establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. Moreover, private suppliers open doors for white labeling, custom packaging, adding logos to products, and even product iteration and improvement.

How to Find Your Own Private Supplier

Finding a private supplier can be challenging, particularly for beginners. However, a few strategies can increase your chances of working with a top-tier supplier.

One method is reaching out to suppliers on AliExpress and Alibaba, contacting every potential supplier, and using an ingenious trick. By adding your WhatsApp number with spaces between each digit, you can engage with suppliers, showcase some experience, and ask essential questions regarding costs, shipping options, minimum order quantities, production capacity, warehouse locations, and associated fees. However, it is crucial to exercise caution, as scams exist in this industry. Always do thorough research and consider using secure payment methods.

Alternatively, you can explore reliable sourcing agents and private supplier directories such as Commerci and Zendrop. These platforms connect you with credible suppliers, offer support, and provide access to communities of like-minded individuals.


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  1. Is drop shipping dead? No, drop shipping is not dead. It is a fulfillment method that can be an excellent way to start an e-commerce brand. The misconception of drop shipping's demise stems from issues associated with the traditional approach of fulfilling orders through AliExpress.

  2. How can I overcome long shipping times in drop shipping? To overcome long shipping times, it is crucial to work with a private supplier. Private suppliers often have warehouses in the target market, enabling faster shipping within 2 to 5 days.

  3. Why is AliExpress not a reliable supplier for drop shipping? AliExpress lacks product quality, suffers from long shipping times, and charges fees, making it an unreliable supplier. It is essential to find a private supplier that offers better quality products and faster shipping.

  4. How can I find a private supplier for drop shipping? You can find a private supplier by reaching out to suppliers on platforms like AliExpress and Alibaba. Contact potential suppliers, ask key questions, and use secure payment methods to avoid scams. Alternatively, you can explore reliable sourcing agents and private supplier directories.

  5. What are the benefits of having a private supplier in drop shipping? Working with a private supplier allows you to offer faster shipping times, negotiate better prices and shipping costs, and explore opportunities for white labeling, custom packaging, and product iteration. Private suppliers are interested in building a mutually beneficial relationship and can contribute to the long-term success of your brand.