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Are you looking for a budget-friendly used car? Well, you're in luck! In this article, we will be discussing a recent car auction where all the cars sold were priced under £2500. From Citroen C1s to Ford Fiestas, there was a wide selection of vehicles to choose from. We'll provide you with detailed information on each car and give you an overview of the auction results. So, let's dive in and see what the auction had to offer!

Red Citroen C1

First up is the Red Citroen C1. This 2009 model had covered around 48,000 miles. Although it needed some cosmetic repairs, including a dent in the passenger door and some lacquer peel on the front bumper, it still fetched a surprising £1,400 plus fees. This might not be the ideal option for resale, but for someone planning to use it as an Uber car or a personal vehicle, it could still be a decent purchase.

Ford Fiesta 1.2 Zetec

Next on the list is a 2010 Ford Fiesta 1.2 Zetec. With 67,000 miles on the clock, this three-door car was in good condition, with alloy wheels and an immaculate paint job. It proved to be a popular choice at the auction and fetched a price of £2,100. The Fiesta 1.2 Zetec is a great option for first-time drivers, offering good fuel economy and a reliable performance.

Ford KA

Moving on, we have an 11-plate Ford KA in silver. With only 41,000 miles on the clock, this tidy little car was ideal for first-time drivers. However, the dusty appearance did not deter bidders. It sold for an unexpected £2,400, reflecting the high demand for reliable budget cars.

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  1. What was the highest selling price at the auction? The highest selling price at the auction was for the Ford KA, which sold for £2,400.

  2. Were there any cars sold that needed significant repairs? Most of the cars sold at the auction required minor cosmetic repairs, but there were no cars that needed significant repairs.

  3. Did any cars sell for less than £1000? No, all the cars at the auction were priced at or above £1000.

  4. Was financing available for the cars sold at the auction? Financing options were not mentioned at the auction, but it's always a good idea to inquire about financing availability before the auction starts.

  5. How many cars were sold in total at the auction? There were approximately 40 cars sold at the auction.