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Beginner Tries Tiktok Dropshipping Pt.3

Beginner Tries TikTok Dropshipping Pt.3

In the journey of dropshipping, after months of trying, I finally achieved my first $1,000 in actual profit, not just revenue. It was a long process, but I learned valuable lessons along the way. Here's a detailed account of how I achieved this milestone.

Finding a Better Product

After a previous unsuccessful attempt at making a product go viral on TikTok, I decided to move on and find a better product. While scrolling on my TikTok account, I came across a 2D backpack that caught my attention. After researching, I discovered that there were no other accounts selling this product, making it a potential opportunity for me to go viral. I promptly ordered the product from Amazon and eagerly awaited its arrival.

Making a Product Go Viral on TikTok

While waiting for the backpack to arrive, I decided to work on making another product go viral on TikTok. This product was a pen made out of magnets, catering to fidgeting enthusiasts. I had attempted to make it go viral eight months ago, but with little success. This time, armed with more knowledge and experience, I created a new TikTok account using a VPN and SIM card method. I posted two TikToks a day for eight days and managed to reach 1,000 followers, the required number to put a website link in my profile.

For filming TikToks, I set up my lights, used my mouse pad as the background, and recorded myself using the product with my phone camera. During editing, I cut the videos into short clips lasting 0.5 to 2 seconds, aiming for a fast-paced video. Text-wise, I either came up with my own ideas or replicated viral videos. After hitting 1,000 followers, I created a Shopify website using a PageFly template called "Tech One" and added a GIF. I replaced the template's content with the features and benefits of the product.

Seeking Guidance and Optimization

To optimize my product page for a higher average order value, I sought feedback from mentors Michael Bernstein and Jacob. Michael, who runs a dropshipping mentoring program, helped me improve my product page. Jacob, a student in the program, provided valuable insights on organic TikTok growth. Following their advice, I continued reposting viral TikToks for both the pen and the 2D backpack.

Mixed Results and Unexpected Challenges

While the pen TikToks received moderate views, the 2D backpack videos initially had low views on the first account. I created a new account for the backpack and noticed some improvement. However, the sales remained disappointing, despite reposting the TikToks on other platforms like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.

One TikTok using an edgy hook about LGBTQ discounts gained over 300,000 views. Although I expected sales to follow, none were made. The reason for this remains unclear. However, with the fidget pen, a TikTok incorporating the same hook generated over 1.6 million views and resulted in $360 in sales. The views-to-sales ratio was much better compared to previous attempts.

Reflecting on the Journey

After several more TikToks and continuous efforts, I finally achieved over 2,000insales,ultimatelyresultingin2,000 in sales, ultimately resulting in 1,000 in profits. While this milestone is encouraging, it's important to note that it still doesn't qualify as a winning product.


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  1. How long did it take to achieve the first profitable month?
    • It took 11 months of continuous effort to make the first $1,000 in actual profits.
  2. What strategies were used to create viral TikToks?
    • The YouTuber used a combination of creative video setups, fast-paced editing, and replicating or adapting successful TikToks.
  3. What challenges did the YouTuber face with product sales on TikTok?
    • Despite achieving significant views, converting views into sales proved challenging, with low sales numbers compared to the view count.
  4. How did mentors help in optimizing the product page and TikTok strategy?
    • Mentors provided guidance on optimizing the product page for higher average order value and suggesting effective strategies for organic TikTok growth.