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Beginner Tries Tiktok Dropshipping(WENT VIRAL) Pt.2

Beginner Tries Tiktok Dropshipping(WENT VIRAL) Pt.2

In this article, we will explore the journey of a beginner dropshipper who, after multiple failed attempts and financial loss, finally found success with TikTok dropshipping. We will delve into the strategies used, the products chosen, and the lessons learned along the way.

TikTok Organic Strategy: A Mentor's Advice

After struggling for months with various dropshipping strategies, the beginner had a Zoom call with a dropshipping mentor named Michael Bernstein. The mentor advised the beginner to stop jumping from one strategy to another and focus on TikTok organic growth. This method involves creating a TikTok account and aiming to go viral with your product without spending money on ads.

Product Selection and Content Creation

To begin the TikTok journey, the beginner searched for 30 products in dropshipping niches and presented them to Michael for selection. The mentor chose a door sensor that sends a message to your phone when opened, and light-up ice cubes when placed in water. The beginner quickly ordered these products from Amazon while simultaneously brainstorming video ideas.

With the help of Michael and another experienced student, the beginner refined the 50 video ideas, eventually settling on the best options. They stressed the importance of creating engaging, entertaining, and shareable content. The beginner initially struggled to meet their standards, but through perseverance, experimentation, and making multiple versions of each video, they eventually produced compelling content.

Overcoming Challenges: Account Creation and Going Viral

To maximize the chances of success, Michael recommended creating a TikTok account based in the US. The beginner, unable to physically do so, followed a YouTube tutorial that suggested using a US Travel SIM card from Amazon. This workaround granted access to US trends and improved the chances of going viral. Additionally, the beginner created a second account using a UK SIM card, based on prior observations that one account always performed better.

Learning From Failure and Adjusting Strategies

Despite the efforts put into content creation and account optimization, the beginner initially struggled with limited views and challenges in going viral. Doubts crept in, leading to thoughts of equipment inadequacy and potential shadowbanning. To address these concerns, the beginner invested in an iPhone for improved video quality and joined a Discord community led by Jimmy Farley to resolve any shadowban-related issues.

Gradually, a shift in perspective occurred during a Zoom call with Michael and Jacob. Jacob emphasized the need to entertain the viewers, pointing out the humorous and engaging elements missing from the previous videos. This led the beginner to apply the same approach used in their YouTube videos, incorporating edits, cuts, and enhancing entertainment value.

Going Viral With Controversial Products

Taking a chance, the beginner explored a controversial product: a pen designed for cheating during exams. Recognizing the potential for controversy to go viral on TikTok, they created multiple videos around this concept. Although the initial attempts didn't immediately bear fruit, the breakthrough eventually came with a video featuring the pen, attracting substantial attention and sales.

Success and Lessons Learned

The viral video not only garnered 400,000 views and achieved 1,000 followers but also achieved 10 sales, demonstrating the potential commercial success of TikTok organic growth. The beginner realized that targeting the right audience with an entertaining video could yield impressive results. They also secured a private supplier for the controversial product and planned to explore more ethical alternatives.

After analyzing the overall performance, the door sensor product received fewer views and sales compared to the pen for cheating. The door sensor generated approximately three sales and an average response, emphasizing the influence of product selection on success.

In terms of profits, though starting with a relatively modest 60,thebeginnerquicklyrecognizedtherevenuepotential.Thepenforcheatinginexamsreceivedoverwhelmingresponserakinginover60, the beginner quickly recognized the revenue potential. The pen for cheating in exams received overwhelming response - raking in over 1000 in sales with approximately 90 orders, providing a testament to the power of TikTok organic growth when successfully executed.


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  1. How long did it take for the beginner to find success with TikTok dropshipping?

    • After months of trial and error, the beginner found success through TikTok dropshipping in approximately 10 months.
  2. What was the key advice provided by the dropshipping mentor, Michael Bernstein?

    • The mentor advised the beginner to focus on one strategy instead of jumping between different approaches. They recommended TikTok organic growth and going viral with entertaining and engaging content.
  3. How did the beginner address the challenge of account creation from a different country?

    • Due to an inability to create a US-based TikTok account, the beginner followed a YouTube tutorial that suggested using a US Travel SIM card from Amazon. This allowed them access to US trends and enhanced their chances of going viral.
  4. What was the breakthrough product that propelled the beginner to success?

    • The beginner found viral success with a controversial product - a pen designed for cheating in exams. The controversy surrounding the product contributed to its viral potential.
  5. How did the beginner adjust their content creation strategy to achieve better results?

    • With guidance from their mentor and peers, the beginner learned to create entertaining and engaging content, incorporating dynamic editing techniques, cuts, and other elements to capture viewers' attention throughout the video.
  6. Did the beginner face any ethical concerns regarding the controversial product's promotion?

    • While the beginner acknowledged the ethical implications of promoting a product intended for cheating, they recognized that controversy can often lead to viral success on platforms like TikTok. They intend to explore more ethical product alternatives moving forward.