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Best Courier Companies for Online Sellers | Top Couriers in India for Your Ecommerce Business

Best Courier Companies for Online Sellers ?| Top Couriers in India for Your Ecommerce Business

When starting an e-commerce business in India, selecting the right courier service is crucial for efficient shipping and delivery. This article explores the best courier companies and aggregators in India to help online sellers make informed decisions.

Hello friends, when you start an e-commerce business in India and you open your website as a store front or you want to be able to ship to whole India on amazon-in India, this question remains in everyone's mind because the cost is minimal and the delivery speed is also the fastest.

There are some market places which give you the option to choose the courier yourself and some do not give it. Be it your website or store front or e-commerce store, there you have to decide for yourself which courier. It will be best for you, there are a lot of comments from all of you because currently I am running website making series or development series where I have shown you all the things by doing them where we had seen live that we can make SIP rocket on one click from our e-commerce website. How to integrate it so that whatever order comes on our website within a few seconds, it starts appearing on ShipRocket from where we can ship the order. Let me tell you, there are many couriers operating in India, some are premium, some are low budget and There are some basics, in this video we understand in detail which is going to be the best courier for you, so let's move ahead, if you are new to the channel then definitely subscribe, like and share the video when it comes to good couriers in India. You already know that there are many such courier options available like Blue Dot, UPS, DHL, FedEx, Gati, Ecom Express Delivery, then a question comes in your mind, which one should I choose? Let me tell you, courier is a different matter. Courier aggregator is different like SIP is rocket in India, I think logistics is what it is, these are courier aggregators, more than 30 couriers work on their platform every day, so the question in your mind is whether or not to go. Let me tell you which way to go, if you want to do e-commerce business well and you want to be able to get more output in less money for shipping the order, then first of all you have to see the rates of all these couriers. In earlier times, you had to go to the nearest local office of the courier and they used to give you the rate according to your order volume or order frequency, which used to vary from person to person, but in today's time, these things You can do it online, go to the websites of all the courier companies working in India, there you will get their pricing, how much we are charging, whether we are charging on automatic or on actual weight and how much. Let us tell you that when your website starts running well or your store front starts running well, you can reduce your rate by talking to their sales team through phone. They may personally call you and after talking to you, a mutual agreement is made where your rate will be lower than the rate shown on the website but this will happen only when your order volume is maintained at a sufficient level. So, in the initial phase, you will have to visit the website. After visiting the website, you will have to see what are their charges and from which location you are selling. Which of these courier companies has better availability at that location? Check the rates. After that, depending on what type of item you are selling, whether it is a solid item or clothing or accessories, you have to mutually decide which courier should you go to, in case the item gets stolen in the courier or Once the customer did not pick up the phone, the delivery man rejected the item or returned it. It is possible that this is amazon2 Hajj, so it is obvious that if he is stealing the item or it is wrong. If someone is doing wrong, then the companies trace him and punish him, sometimes FIR is also lodged but that happens when he does it more often or does it in more amount, if he cleans his hands once or twice, two or four times. If you do this then you suffer a loss in which you get frustrated and then you abuse the courier company that this company steals but in reality the company is a company and the people who are working there are delivery partners or hubs. There are managers from there, if a problem arises then the company will take action but it may take time, so if you think about this then you will get frustrated. You do not have to think about this, it is a part of e-commerce business, no matter which courier company it is. If any of their employees is cheating and doing wrong, then the companies punish him, but even if he cannot be traced for a couple of times, then you do not have to think about this. Secondly, if you follow my calculations, I will recommend you. I would recommend that instead of choosing a courier personally, you go to a courier aggregator like ShipRocket, go to the website of I Think Logistics, be it any courier company, be it any courier aggregator like I Think ShipRocket, here you have to sign up. GST Pen, whatever company proof you have, is required. Once your KYC is done, you can easily place the order. Be it a courier company or a courier aggregator, there is only one way for you to do so - in your commerce settings. You have to go and integrate the API key so that your order which comes on your website, within some time reaches the website of that courier from where you can ship it. I have already told the video about it, I have made it. I will put it on the button, how to do it, all the courier companies have the same procedure that you have to integrate your website with your commerce there, so now what happens is that I will tell you, if you go through the courier aggregator, like I think it is logical. Has your SIP been processed and what is there in it? When you select a parcel to ship, then there is an option of 25 to 30 couriers, out of which the courier is quickly taking the parcel to your location. And the money is also being charged at a decent amount, you can choose him, if the customer has time, you have talked to him, mailed him, called him, then you can send a little through basic courier, where some more money can be saved. Okay, what is there in it? You get a huge benefit. Like you went to a courier company, like you went to Blue Dart for delivery, went to Gati, went to their website, created an account in two minutes and signed up. But when you integrate your website with their website, then whatever orders come on your website will go to the website of that courier company. Now when you go there to order, you will get the option of only one courier there. If you do not get the option of multiple couriers, then your choice ends, that is why according to me, India is so big to do e-commerce business in India, Pan India has so many pin codes, you should select a courier aggregator, there is not much difference in the rates. There may be a difference of 4 0 but it does not happen generally, that is why I am telling you that if you go to the aggregator, like I think it is logistics, SIP is a rocket, I have done everything and shown you, then once you have signed up there, you will Multiple couriers are available. Let us assume that the customer wants the item tomorrow and wants the item within two days. You can connect by air. Many of the premium couriers give you the option of air cargo, although the rates may be higher there, but you ship. You can do it, but when you personally go to a courier, even if there is no air connectivity there, that is why I would recommend that you choose a courier aggregator and completely remove from your mind that Ciprochem steals, they do not steal anything. This is a company, it is not a courier aggregator, with which multiple couriers have tie-ups, so if you send any of your parcels through Gati Courier, an employee of Gati steals it, then you complain to Ciprochem, talk to them properly and you will get the money refunded. You will get the resolution, if not then these companies keep monitoring it and from time to time, when more complaints are received, action is also taken against all the delivery partners in the zone from where more complaints are coming. It is good that you do not go to any one courier, you sign up on the courier aggregator, after that your KYC is done within 24 hours, then you can easily integrate your website and all the orders will come in a few seconds, all of them will be there. Will start appearing and you ship them to you. It will be better for you, it will be better for your business, it will be flexible for the customer too. In the next video, I am going to tell you that you can write the time of delivery day on the e-commerce website. How do they confirm to the customer that this item will be delivered to you in such a number of days so that you can give an information to the customer on your e-commerce website that it will reach your location in 5 days or 4 days, is it right so that You will also benefit and the customer will also benefit. I hope you have understood, so I hope this much in this video. You must have liked the video. Thank you so much for watching.

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