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Branch's Perfect Gift Disaster | TROLLS HOLIDAY IN HARMONY

Branch's Perfect Gift Disaster | TROLLS HOLIDAY IN HARMONY

The Trolls are back again, and this time they are celebrating special occasions with gifts and surprises. In this hilarious adventure, Branch finds himself in a sticky situation when his gift box for someone special is out in the open. With the help of Poppy and their quirky troop of friends, they embark on a mission to keep the surprise intact. But as they set off, unexpected events unfold, leading to a disastrous but heartwarming ending.

Poppy's Plan and the Unforeseen Twist

Poppy, known for her enthusiastic nature, comes up with a plan to ensure the gift remains a secret. However, just as they prepare to hit the road, Branch reveals that they have cats to take care of. This revelation leaves Poppy bewildered, as she had no idea about their feline companions. With the clock ticking, Poppy swiftly hands Branch some wrapping paper and rushes to gather the cats, leaving Branch curious about the sudden change in their plans.

A Picture-Perfect Moment

As Poppy gets everything in order, Branch contemplates the significance of the gift. He decides he wants to capture the moment and cherish it forever. Poppy returns with the cats, but Branch realizes he forgot the wrapping paper. Unfazed, he decides to use grocery bags instead, much to Poppy's amusement. Though perplexed by his peculiar choice, Poppy appreciates his quirkiness and remains focused on their mission.

Building a Scrapbooking Machine

Poppy and Branch reach their destination and start working on the surprise gift. They decide to build a scrapbooking machine to enhance their present further. As they brainstorm ideas and add new elements, their excitement grows. Poppy suggests attaching a hair styling tool to the machine, while Branch adds a smoothie maker to the mix. The machine evolves into a multi-functional contraption that can do hair, create scrapbooks, and prepare delicious smoothies.

Disaster Strikes

Eager to test their creation, Poppy volunteers to be the first customer. As the machine starts working its magic, chaos ensues. Poppy's hair goes wild, and Branch's attempt to fix the issue results in an unfortunate mishap. Amidst the commotion, Branch falls and hurts himself. The situation takes a hilarious turn, leaving Poppy and their friends in splits of laughter. However, they quickly regroup and resume their gift-making mission.

The Final Touch and Lessons Learned

Undeterred by their mishap, Poppy and Branch continue their efforts to perfect the surprise gift. With renewed determination, they make the necessary adjustments and finally add the smoothie maker. The scrapbooking machine is ready, and they are confident that it will bring joy to their special someone, despite the unexpected challenges along the way.


Gift box, Poppy, Branch, surprise, disaster, cats, wrapping paper, picture-perfect, scrapbooking machine, hair styling, smoothie maker, chaos, mishap, lessons learned.


Q: What is the Trolls Holiday in Harmony about? A: The Trolls Holiday in Harmony is an exciting adventure where the Trolls celebrate special occasions with gifts and surprises.

Q: Who is Poppy in the story? A: Poppy is one of the main characters in Trolls, known for her enthusiastic and optimistic nature.

Q: What is the gift that Branch is trying to keep a secret? A: Branch has a special gift for someone, and he tries to keep it a surprise throughout the story.

Q: What unexpected events unfold during their mission? A: While trying to keep the gift a secret, unexpected events occur, leading to comedic and chaotic situations.

Q: What is the scrapbooking machine, and how does it add to the story? A: The Trolls build a scrapbooking machine to enhance their surprise gift. It becomes a multi-functional contraption that can do hair, create scrapbooks, and make smoothies, adding an element of creativity to the story.

Q: Do Poppy and Branch succeed in their gift-making mission? A: Despite the mishaps and chaos, Poppy and Branch persevere and successfully complete their surprise gift with the scrapbooking machine, spreading joy and laughter along the way.