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If your selling content always gets the same number of views, never more than 10,200, well, this means you are experiencing a problem and here is this video, I'm sure this can be the solution. The problem with all this content is that if the view is too stuck, it means the content is too hard selling. If you have to maintain hard selling, don't be hard selling, really hard selling, you need to start learning what is called story telling or story selling. Selling through stories is like that, right? Well, in this day and age, you could say that all the content, yes, those who are good at storytelling, just pay attention to all the content creators or top creators. Yes, there are indeed, I see in this too, in the top creators, there are also those who are really hard sellers, but the majority of them are very good at it, they can already make it. Story because by making a story it makes people who previously didn't need the item need it, so they keep buying it. That's the purpose of impulse buying, it's like this, but I know the problem is why many people rarely play using Story Selling because it's not easy to make. You have to think a lot, you have to be creative, so in this video I want to tell you, there is a formula, there is a strategy that can make it easier for you, it can make it easier for you to make story selling scripts. So what's the first way? Well, the formula is if you want to do story selling. You're selling first, the first point is E or something called entertaining, so good storytelling has to make people want to be entertained, it has to make people want to watch and follow the story, right? So don't just be like eh guys, I found this stuff good. Yes, not like that, but for example you maybe in the future you can use something crazy surprises, I can't wait for today to break my things. Anjir, it's like I'm telling a story to a friend. Is that true? I'm telling a story like that, then you know, you'll tell it to Man, it definitely needs to be entertaining, make people curious, right? Then secondly, believable, believable, is it trustworthy, don't do something that is too exaggerated or too far-fetched or that sounds like it's fake, right? Yes, if it's also entertaining, it's entertaining, but it's like Hah, really, because it's like that, I don't believe it, I don't believe it, so I don't buy it, so it makes sense and that's how it is, educational is also good, if for example in a story, you can add elements that make people understand more, so their knowledge is better, so the fourth most important point is to relate, if your story doesn't relate, OK? Who wants it? I believe that's why I don't know, right now there's content that's a day in my life, right? Continue to get ready with me, right? That's something that makes people feel right, right? This room is just like mine, how come the clothes are the same, how come the way it goes? it's the same, you know, and O, organize, so the structure of the message is organized, structured, so it doesn't jump around like that, doesn't make people like Ha, that's right, why are you coming here and that, right? Like you, if we just watch a film, then it's like that, right? Watching a film where the plot is going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, is that true or not, if the transitions aren't clear, that's going to make people crazy. Hah, that's true, especially if you have friends who are a bit lacking, okay? I'll try it, I'll be there, won't you like it? If you're watching it, right? like friends, we like to ask questions like Eh, that's right, why here, why else? There aren't many of them. So you need to be grateful, especially since it's a short story and you want to sell and the last most important thing is that it has to be easy to remember, not complicated, simple, easy to remember, makes it easier for people too. Please take action. Well, that's the storytelling formula that you can use in your El content. The most important thing is that storytelling must be unique and authentic because in 2024, storytelling that is visible. What this means is that the main capital is the one that is actually relatable. That's how it is and that makes your content, even though it doesn't look like it's been edited, it's just normal, but it's good, so now I want to know, for those of you who still have questions about TikTok, Shopee Marketplace, Content Creator Tips, try writing it in the comments. Later, I'll make a Q&A video.


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