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CS Owalo says banning TikTok will deny youth daily earnings

CS Owalo says banning TikTok will deny youth daily earnings

Information Communication and Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo expressed his stance before the National Assembly petitions committee, advocating for co-regulation of TikTok instead of an outright ban. Owalo highlighted the potential negative impacts of banning TikTok, emphasizing how it could deprive millions of youths of their daily earnings and lead to a mass exodus of private sector entities operating in the digital space. While some members of parliament raised concerns about the government's ability to regulate content on the platform, Owalo urged for social media platforms to self-regulate with government oversight. Additionally, the government's ambition to facilitate access to digital jobs for Kenyans was emphasized as a reason to support the continued operation of TikTok.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly trade committee has initiated inquiries into the distribution of counterfeit fertilizer, directing the National Cereals and Produce Board and the Kenya Bureau of Standards to address the issue within a week. Additionally, a proposed Bribery Amendment Bill aiming to modify police uniforms and introduce CCTV monitoring of traffic officers is under consideration by the National Assembly Administration and Security Committee.


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  1. What is CS Owalo's position on banning TikTok? CS Owalo argues against a total ban on TikTok, highlighting the potential negative impact on youth earnings and the digital economy.

  2. What issues are being addressed by the National Assembly trade committee? The committee is investigating the distribution of fake fertilizer and considering a proposed Bribery Amendment Bill related to police uniforms and CCTV monitoring of traffic officers.