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Chrome Extension: TikTok Analytics by EchoTik

Chrome Extension: TikTok Analytics by EchoTik

Are you a practitioner in the TikTok industry? If so, there's a Google extension you definitely shouldn't miss. This extension aims to increase your efficiency while browsing the TikTok website. It's especially useful when you come across a good video and need to constantly jump around the page to find out more about the creator. With this extension, you can achieve twice the results with half the effort. Simply click on the logo on the floating layer while watching a video, and you'll easily view detailed information about the creator.

Features of the Chrome Extension

This powerful Chrome extension provides several features that can enhance your TikTok browsing experience. Here are some of its key functions:

Detailed Information on Creators

By clicking on the extension's logo, a floating layer will appear, offering detailed information about the creator. You can see if they have opened a showcase, uploaded videos, done live streams, or run a small shop, among other things. Clicking on each icon will reveal corresponding details. Additionally, you can find out which country the creator comes from and their engagement rate.

Engagement Rate and Popularity

The engagement rate represents the degree of favorability that the creator's fans have towards them. The extension allows you to view this rate, as well as the like-to-follow ratio and total number of followers. This information helps you gauge the creator's popularity and audience engagement.

Live Stream Monitoring

Stay up to date with your favorite creators' live streams by using the extension's live stream monitoring feature. You will receive notifications when a creator starts a live stream. Once the live stream ends, you can obtain an analysis of its effectiveness.

In addition to real-time data, the extension provides historical information. You can explore the creator's number of followers, videos, live streams, product sales, and NGV (new growth views) trends over the past three months. This data allows you to track their growth and performance.

Hashtag Usage

Another valuable feature of this extension is its ability to provide insights into the creator's hashtag usage. It shows you the hashtags they frequently include in their content, giving you an idea of their interests and target audience.


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Q: How can this Chrome extension benefit TikTok practitioners?

A: The Chrome extension offers an efficient way to gather detailed information about TikTok creators. It enables practitioners to easily view important data such as engagement rates, popularity metrics, live stream notifications, and insights into growth trends.

Q: Can this extension help with analyzing the effectiveness of live streams?

A: Yes, the extension provides analysis of the effectiveness of live streams. You can receive notifications when a live stream starts and access data on its performance once it concludes. This functionality helps practitioners evaluate the impact of their live streaming efforts.

Q: Are historical insights available in this extension?

A: Absolutely! Along with real-time data, this extension offers historical insights. Users can access information on a creator's past performance, such as the number of followers, videos, live streams, product sales, and NGV trends over the past three months. This data helps practitioners track growth and identify trends.

Q: How can the hashtag usage feature be useful?

A: The hashtag usage feature provides insight into the hashtags frequently used by a creator. This information helps practitioners understand their interests and target audience better. By analyzing hashtags, practitioners can optimize their own content and reach a specific user base more effectively.

Q: How can I install this Chrome extension?

A: To install the "EchoTik" Chrome extension, simply search for "EchoTik" in the Chrome Web Store. From there, you can add the extension to your browser and enjoy its features while browsing TikTok.

With the Chrome Extension: TikTok Analytics by EchoTik, practitioners in the TikTok industry can access valuable insights, monitor live streams, and efficiently gather detailed information about creators. It's a must-have tool for those looking to maximize their browsing and analytics capabilities on TikTok. Install the extension today and take your TikTok game to the next level!