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Class 5 - Tiktok pixel and conversion api - part 1

Class 5 - Tiktok Pixel and Conversion API - Part 1


In this article, we will explore the topic of Tiktok Pixel and Conversion API. The script provided here is from a video discussing various aspects of foreign ads, event setup, custom HTML, content types, and more. We will break down the script and present it in a structured format.

Script Breakdown

Step 1: Take a Camera and Subscribe Now

The script starts by suggesting to take a camera and subscribe to something, although the context is not clear from the provided text.

Step 2: Setting up Tag Manager for Room Browser and Server Container

Next, the script mentions the setup of a tag manager for room browser and server container. This could be referring to managing tags for monitoring website analytics and tracking user behavior.

Step 3: Manager Business Campaign at Assets and Reporting

The script goes on to talk about managing a business campaign, possibly related to advertising or marketing efforts. It mentions assets and reporting, which could be related to tracking and analyzing campaign performance.

Step 4: Event Setup Method and Custom Code

The script discusses event setup methods and suggests using custom code for customization.

Step 5: Standard Events and Content Type Networks

The script mentions standard events and content type networks, which could be referring to predefined events and different platforms for content distribution.

Step 6: Seven Turbo Actor and Currency Parameters

The script briefly mentions "Seven Turbo Actor" and currency parameters, although the context behind these terms is not clear.

Step 7: Configuring and Viewing Items

The script talks about configuring and viewing items, which could be related to managing inventory or product listings.

Step 8: Foreign Channels and Facebook/Google Integration

The script mentions foreign channels and integration with Facebook and Google, hinting at the possibility of cross-platform advertising or data sharing.


  • Tiktok Pixel
  • Conversion API
  • Tag Manager
  • Room Browser
  • Server Container
  • Business Campaign
  • Assets and Reporting
  • Event Setup Method
  • Custom Code
  • Standard Events
  • Content Type Networks
  • Seven Turbo Actor
  • Currency Parameters
  • Configuring Items
  • Viewing Items
  • Foreign Channels
  • Integration with Facebook and Google


  1. What is Tiktok Pixel?
  2. How can Tag Managers help in tracking website analytics?
  3. How can custom code be used for event setup?
  4. What are standard events in advertising campaigns?
  5. What is the significance of content type networks?
  6. What is the purpose of configuring and viewing items in the context of this script?
  7. How can foreign channels be integrated with Facebook and Google?

Note: The script provided lacks context and may contain some errors or incomplete information. The article will be updated accordingly if more details are available.