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Complete TikTok Ads Setup For SMMA (2023)

Complete TikTok Ads Setup For SMMA (2023)

In this article, we will be discussing the complete setup process for running TikTok ads for Social Media Marketing Agencies (SMMA). We'll cover everything from targeting and ad creation to audience building and optimization. TikTok ads are becoming increasingly popular for acquiring clients, especially in the B2B market. With the right setup and creative strategy, you can get cheap and high-intent leads that can convert into meetings and sales. So let's dive in and learn how to leverage TikTok ads for your SMMA business.

Step 1: TikTok Ad Setup

The first thing we need to do is set up a TikTok ads campaign. We will be focusing on lead generation ads for B2B client acquisition. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Choose the objective as "Leads" and select the campaign budget optimization.
  2. Keep the ad creative simple by using a video from the ads library. Make sure to create compelling creatives that resonate with your target audience.
  3. Set up a lead form and choose the classic form type. Include the necessary fields like name, email, and phone number. Avoid asking for the website URL as it may increase conversion costs.
  4. Customize the headline and button text to entice users to click and schedule a meeting.
  5. Set up a calendar page as your website URL to direct users to book a meeting.

Step 2: Targeting Options

Now let's move on to targeting options for your TikTok ads. We will cover the core three targeting options, along with some advanced ones you can consider in the future.

Core Targeting Options:

  1. Open Targeting: Leave all the targeting options open, including demographics, interests, and behaviors. This is a broad targeting option to cast a wide net and reach a larger audience.
  2. All-Interest High Intent: Target users who have watched the full video, shared content, and followed accounts in the past seven days.
  3. All-Interest Low Intent: Target users who have viewed profiles, liked, and commented on content in the past 15 days.

Advanced Targeting Options (Optional):

  1. Purchase Intent: Some accounts have the option to target users based on their purchase intent. Select all the checkboxes under the purchase intent category.
  2. Hashtag Targeting: Target users based on specific hashtags related to your niche. Include hashtags related to the services or industries you offer.

Step 3: Additional Audience Building

To maximize your targeting options and create lookalike audiences, you can create custom audiences based on website traffic and lead form submissions. Here's how:

  1. Website Traffic: Set up custom audiences for each page of your website that has a standard event. This will allow you to create lookalike audiences in the future.
  2. Lead Form Submissions: Create an audience for users who have submitted a lead form or viewed the form. Set the duration to past 90 days to gather enough data for lookalike audience creation.

By setting up these additional audience options, you can expand your targeting capabilities and tap into the power of lookalike audiences for better conversion rates.


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Q: Are TikTok ads suitable for B2B marketing? A: Yes, TikTok ads can be highly effective for B2B marketing, especially when targeting specific industries and professionals.

Q: How can I create compelling TikTok ad creatives? A: To create compelling TikTok ad creatives, focus on engaging content, storytelling, and showcasing the value your SMMA can provide to potential clients.

Q: Can I target specific regions with TikTok ads? A: Yes, you can target specific regions, such as the United States and Canada, with TikTok ads. However, it's essential to test different regions and analyze performance to optimize your campaigns.

Q: Can I use TikTok ads for lead generation? A: Absolutely! TikTok ads offer lead generation forms that can help you acquire leads and schedule meetings with potential clients for your SMMA.

Q: How can I optimize my TikTok ad campaigns for better results? A: To optimize your TikTok ad campaigns, track and analyze the performance of different ad sets, creatives, and targeting options. Make data-driven decisions and iterate on your strategies for better results.

By following these steps, you'll have a comprehensive TikTok ads setup for your SMMA. Remember to monitor and optimize your campaigns regularly to ensure the best results for your client acquisition efforts. Good luck with your TikTok advertising journey!