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Courage! #podcast #marketing #tiktok #business #youtubeshorts #selfhelp #tiktok

Courage! #podcast #marketing #tiktok #business #youtubeshorts #selfhelp #tiktok

And it's so funny to me how often clients come in wanting and thinking like oh yeah I want something that's out there that's so different yeah and then when they hear it then and like it's with their product and it's something that they've never seen before then that's when like the fear sets in and you can like see it like with clients where all a sudden they're like oh my gosh everyone's going to know that I put this out there like and it's scary like it they feel definitely feel exposed yeah and you you have to have courage like like I feel like courage is only talked about in like War but like it's in marketing if you want to take a big swing and do something that's different that no one else in your industry is doing you have to have courage

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  1. What is the significance of courage in marketing?
    Courage in marketing is essential for taking bold and innovative steps, standing out from competitors, and embracing the risk of potential exposure.
  2. Why do clients often experience fear when considering unique marketing approaches?
    Clients may feel apprehensive about standing out and being perceived as different or exposed when considering unconventional marketing strategies.
  3. How does courage play a role in industry disruption?
    Courage empowers businesses to challenge the status quo, pioneer new trends, and set themselves apart in their industry.