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Create WINNING TikTok Video Ads For FREE (Shopify Dropshipping)

Create WINNING TikTok Video Ads For FREE (Shopify Dropshipping)

Welcome back guys! In this video, I will show you how to create highly converting TikTok video ads for your dropshipping products, completely for free. If you're new here, my name is Jacob Wikowski, and I've been testing the dropshipping business model since the beginning of the year. I've had my fair share of challenges, but I've also seen success with my first winning product. Today, I'll be sharing with you my strategies for creating effective TikTok video ads that have helped me generate over $96,000 in sales. So, let's dive in!

Step 1: Find Proven Videos

The first step is to search for videos related to your product on TikTok and find ones that have gained a million or more views. These videos are already proven to work and have gathered a good amount of likes. Copy the URL of these videos and head to the website snaptick to download them to your computer.

Step 2: Edit Your Videos

Next, you'll need to use video editing software to work with the downloaded videos. Programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or InVideo can help you edit your videos to perfection. Start by deleting the sound of the videos, as we'll be adding our own later. Then, cut the videos into small segments, or scenes, to have more control over the editing process.

Step 3: Mix and Export

Now, it's time to mix the scenes from different videos to create new ones. Take scenes from the downloaded videos and arrange them in a way that flows smoothly. You can add your logo and a call-to-action at the end of the video. Aim for a video length of around 15 seconds or shorter for optimal results. Export the videos once you're satisfied with the edits.

Step 4: Add Text and Sound

Upload your edited videos to your TikTok ad account and navigate to the TikTok video editor. Here, you can add your own text, text-to-speech, and background music to make your videos unique. Cover any existing text in the videos with text overlays of your own, keeping them short and attention-grabbing. Generate text-to-speech for your written text and add suitable music to enhance the overall impact of your ads.

Step 5: Confirm and Launch

After adding all the necessary elements, confirm your ad and launch your campaign. You now have highly converting TikTok video ads that are ready to go! By using proven videos, rearranging scenes, and adding engaging text and sound, you can create powerful ads that attract clicks and drive sales.

Remember, this strategy is most effective when testing new products. Once you find a winning product, consider creating your own unique videos to maintain authenticity and avoid copyright issues.


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Q: Can I legally download TikTok videos to use in my ads? A: While it is technically legal to download TikTok videos for personal use, it's important to note that copyright infringement could occur if you use someone else's video without permission. To avoid any copyright issues, it's best to use this strategy only when testing products and create your own unique videos once you find a winning product.

Q: Do I need video editing experience to create TikTok video ads? A: No, you don't need extensive video editing experience to create compelling TikTok video ads. With the right video editing software, you can easily arrange scenes, add text overlays, and incorporate text-to-speech and background music to make your ads stand out.

Q: How long should my TikTok video ads be? A: It's recommended to keep your TikTok video ads around 15 seconds or shorter. TikTok users have short attention spans, and shorter ads are more likely to capture their attention and drive engagement.

Q: Can I use this strategy with other platforms besides TikTok? A: While this strategy is specifically focused on TikTok, you can certainly apply similar principles to other platforms like Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. The key is to understand the platform's audience and adapt your video ads accordingly.

Q: How many videos should I create using this strategy? A: It's recommended to create at least three different videos using a combination of scenes from the proven TikTok videos you downloaded. This will help you test different variations and see which one performs best for your dropshipping product.

That's it, guys! I hope this article has provided you with valuable insights on creating highly converting TikTok video ads for your Shopify dropshipping business. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join my Discord channel for more in-depth discussions on dropshipping. Good luck with your ad campaigns!