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Creepy Tik Tok's You Weren't Meant to See (Part 84)

Creepy Tik Tok's You Weren't Meant to See (Part 84)

Welcome back to the channel, everybody! In this article, we will delve into several creepy Tik Tok videos that reveal unsettling and thought-provoking information. These videos touch on various topics, including UFO sightings, ancient structures, government cover-ups, mind control, and the nature of our reality.

The Calvine Incident

In August 1990, two individuals witnessed a large diamond-shaped craft hovering or moving slowly in the countryside. They managed to capture six clear photographs of the craft and contacted a local newspaper to share their sighting. The newspaper, intrigued by the story, sent the photos and negatives to the Ministry of Defense. Sadly, the newspaper never received the photos or negatives back and did not publish the story. The incident raises questions about why the photos were not returned and why the authorities did not publicly acknowledge the sighting.

Ancient Structures and Energy Grids

There is a theory that ancient structures such as Easter Island, the pyramids, and Stonehenge are strategically located on energy grids rather than fault lines. Energy grids are areas where the Earth's magnetic field is more pronounced, and these structures seem to align with these high-energy magnetic portals. It is puzzling how these ancient civilizations were able to determine the locations of these energy grids without advanced technology. One possibility is the use of satellites in a polar orbit, collecting data on the Earth's magnetic field and topography.

Mysterious Trees and Unknown Timelines

There are intriguing photographs of giant trees that have been described as "more durable than stone." These ancient trees may hold many untold stories. Surprisingly, one photo even displays a date of 894, hinting that our understanding of history might be inaccurate. The roots of these trees may be connected to a forgotten past that challenges our perceptions of time and existence.

Giants, Dragons, and Clones

There are claims that the Smithsonian was ordered by a Supreme Court ruling to admit to hiding the remains of giants. The replacement of the word "dragon" with "dinosaur" in the mid-1800s raises questions about the manipulation of language and the rewriting of history. Additionally, there are discussions about advanced cloning technologies and the potential for transferring human consciousness into other bodies, such as robots or clones.

Mind Control and Simulations

The notion that our reality is a simulation or experiment is gaining traction. Some believe that television, social media, and electronic devices act as mind control tools, influencing our thoughts and behaviors. The concept of a spiritual life simulation suggests that we are here to learn through opposites and experiences. The purpose is to expand our capacity for learning and love by overcoming challenges and embracing the light.

Texas Standoff and Immigration

Texas has become a focal point of tension due to an escalating situation at the southern border. The state's government has declared an invasion of the border by illegal immigrants and has invoked an act to mobilize the Texas National Guard for protection. This has sparked a standoff between Texas and the federal government, raising concerns about a potential civil war. It is crucial to stay informed about this development and its implications.


UFO sightings, ancient structures, energy grids, government cover-ups, mind control, reality simulation, Texas stand-off, immigration, civil war


  1. Are there any government cover-ups related to UFO sightings?
  2. Why are ancient structures located on energy grids instead of fault lines?
  3. What is the theory about the mysterious trees' durability and connection to forgotten timelines?
  4. Is it true that the Smithsonian hid the remains of giants?
  5. Can human consciousness be transferred into other bodies, such as robots or clones?
  6. How do television and electronic devices influence our thoughts and behaviors?
  7. What is the current situation at the southern border of the United States?
  8. Are we living in a reality simulation or experiment?
  9. Could the tensions between Texas and the federal government lead to a civil war?


  1. Are these Tik Tok videos real or staged?

The authenticity of these Tik Tok videos is uncertain. It is challenging to verify the credibility of the information presented in the videos, as Tik Tok is known for hosting a mix of factual and fictional content.

  1. Is there any scientific evidence supporting the concept of energy grids?

The idea of energy grids associated with ancient structures is a speculative theory and lacks scientific evidence. While it is intriguing to consider, it is important to approach such concepts with skepticism and rely on well-established scientific principles.

  1. Can human consciousness be transferred into other bodies?

The transfer of human consciousness into other bodies is currently beyond the realm of scientific possibility. While experiments and research regarding consciousness are ongoing, the notion of transferring one's consciousness into another being remains speculative and hypothetical.

  1. Is there evidence of government cover-ups regarding UFO sightings?

The existence of government cover-ups regarding UFO sightings is a topic of much debate. While some claim to have evidence supporting such cover-ups, the scientific community generally requires concrete proof to validate such claims.

  1. What is the current situation at the southern border of the United States?

The situation at the southern border of the United States remains complex and controversial. Illegal immigration and border security continue to be significant topics of discussion, and various policies and actions are being implemented to address these issues.

  1. Are we living in a simulation or experiment?

The idea that our reality is a simulation or experiment is a philosophical and scientific theory that lacks empirical evidence for definitive confirmation. As of now, it remains a topic of speculation and a subject of ongoing discussion and research.

  1. Could tensions between Texas and the federal government lead to a civil war?

The potential for tensions between Texas and the federal government to escalate into a civil war is uncertain. While disagreements and conflicts can arise, predicting the outcome and potential for armed conflict is challenging. It is essential for both parties to engage in peaceful dialogue and seek diplomatic solutions to address their concerns.