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Day in the Life of a PepsiCo Supply Chain Intern: Meet Patrick

Day in the Life of a PepsiCo Supply Chain Intern: Meet Patrick

Patrick is a talented supply chain intern hailing from the bustling office in Stratford, Connecticut. As a major in supply chain management, he was seeking an opportunity to work with a company that excelled in this field. Luckily, he found PepsiCo, a globally recognized brand known for its strong supply chain operations.

PepsiCo believes in nurturing young talent and providing them with opportunities to contribute their ideas. Patrick was thrilled to be offered a position where he could work in the warehouse and witness firsthand the operations that drive the company's success.

During his internship, Patrick had the chance to shadow supervisors and pickers in the warehouse. One of his key responsibilities was observing the logistics of products and identifying areas for improvement. His project focused on finding ways to enhance delivery performance standards (DPS). As a company constantly striving for increased productivity, PepsiCo was eager to see the results of Patrick's efforts.

Patrick's dedication and ingenuity shone through as he delved into the project head-on. Armed with great ideas, he worked tirelessly to demonstrate how his suggestions could positively impact the company's productivity. This hands-on experience allowed him to present his case directly to the leadership team, showcasing his ability to think critically and make compelling arguments.

PepsiCo recognized Patrick's outstanding performance and appreciated the value he brought to the team. They were delighted to have him as part of their workforce, and his contributions were truly a testament to his abilities. The internship not only gave Patrick an opportunity to make a meaningful impact at PepsiCo but also broadened his view of the supply chain industry.

Patrick's experience at PepsiCo has shown him the interconnection between supply chain management and sales. He has gained valuable insights into how these two pivotal functions seamlessly integrate with each other. The supportive and inclusive nature of the team allowed Patrick to fully immerse himself in the company's culture and contribute as much as possible.

Reflecting on his time as an intern at PepsiCo, Patrick highly recommends the company to aspiring supply chain professionals. He emphasizes how working with PepsiCo has not only provided him with a platform to grow but has also showcased the company's dedication to nurturing talent. If you are seeking an environment that fosters growth, innovation, and fosters collaboration, PepsiCo is the place to be.


  • Supply chain intern
  • Warehouse operations
  • Product availability
  • Supervisors and pickers
  • Project improvement
  • Delivery performance standards (DPS)
  • Leadership presentation
  • Broadened perspective
  • Supply chain and sales integration
  • Inclusive work environment
  • Growth and development
  • Innovation and collaboration


  1. What is Patrick's role as a supply chain intern at PepsiCo?
  2. What was Patrick's project during his internship at PepsiCo?
  3. How did Patrick's ideas impact PepsiCo's productivity?
  4. How does PepsiCo support its interns?
  5. What did Patrick learn about the interconnection between supply chain management and sales at PepsiCo?
  6. How would Patrick describe the company culture at PepsiCo?
  7. Would Patrick recommend PepsiCo to other supply chain professionals?