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Distinct stages of Negotiation! #procurement #businessanalysis #supplychain #contractmanagement

Distinct stages of Negotiation! #procurement #businessanalysis #supplychain #contractmanagement

Negotiation is a structured process that involves different stages to guide discussions towards a successful outcome. The first stage is investigation, where information is gathered to understand the needs of both parties. The second stage is determining what each party requires and identifying backup plans. The third stage is presentation, where one outlines their terms, interests, and expectations. The fourth stage is bargaining, involving the exchange of offers and counteroffers. Finally, the last stage is closure, where the negotiation is concluded, and both parties agree to final terms. By understanding these five stages, negotiators can approach discussions with a clear structure and strategy, increasing the chances of a successful outcome.

Keywords: negotiation, structured process, investigation, determination, presentation, bargaining, closure, successful outcome


  1. What are the key stages of a structured negotiation process?
  • The key stages include investigation, determination, presentation, bargaining, and closure.
  1. How can understanding these stages enhance the chances of a successful outcome in negotiations?
  • Understanding these stages provides a clear structure and strategy for negotiators to follow, leading to more successful outcomes.