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Do THIS to Make $10,000 as a Student

Do THIS to Make $ 10,000 as a Student

Are you a student who wants to earn $ 10,000 a month? While there might be misleading information and unrealistic promises out there, in this article, we will break down the three main components you need to focus on in order to achieve this goal. But first, let's discuss the right "vehicle" for your journey to success.

The Right Vehicle: Finding the Opportunity

To reach your goal of earning $ 10,000 a month as a student, you need to find the right opportunity or means to make that kind of money. However, it's important to choose an opportunity that is both big enough and not too risky. Trading, for example, is not a recommended path as it often involves high risks and is not feasible for most students to achieve such high returns.

Instead, consider starting an online business that generates free cash flow. Choose a business model that offers either high perceived value services or high leverage opportunities. This could involve offering a valuable service such as marketing funnel building, content creation, or personalized coaching. Alternatively, you can create a business that leverages the skills of others, like hiring coaches or trainers to work under you. The key is to provide value to clients and ensure profitability that allows for sustainable growth.

Stretch out the Timeline: Patience and Persistence

Making $ 10,000 a month as a student may not happen overnight, and it's essential to set realistic expectations. Rather than focusing on the number of months it will take, think in terms of years. Understand that building wealth takes time and effort, and it's crucial to be patient and persistent.

Expect that it may take several years to achieve your goal, especially if you're starting from scratch. Remember that success is rarely linear, and there will be ups and downs along the way. Embrace these challenges and keep pushing forward, knowing that each step you take is getting you closer to your ultimate goal.

Cement Your Place: Building Financial Identity

Once you reach your goal of earning $ 10,000 a month, it's not time to stop. This milestone should become your financial identity, your baseline. Continually strive to solidify this achievement, make it a part of who you are financially. This anchoring will provide stability and motivation to continue growing and reaching new heights.

As you cement your position, focus on increasing your income even further. Set new targets, gradually raising the bar for yourself. Moreover, study the strategies and habits of people who have successfully built and maintained wealth. Aim to emulate their approach and learn from their experiences. Remember, building wealth is a continuous journey, and by establishing a strong financial identity, you can propel yourself to new levels of success.

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Q: How long will it take to reach $ 10,000 a month as a student? A: The timeline varies for every individual, but with dedication, the right opportunity, and persistence, it is possible to achieve this goal within a few years.

Q: Is it necessary to start a business to make $ 10,000 a month? A: While starting a business can be a profitable venture, there are also other paths to earning $ 10,000 a month. Service-based businesses, freelance work, or leveraging existing skills can also lead to this level of income.

Q: Can I make $ 10,000 a month solely with trading or investing? A: While it is theoretically possible to generate substantial returns through trading or investing, it is a risky path, especially for students. It is recommended to focus on business opportunities that offer more control and stability.

Q: How can I stay motivated during the journey to $ 10,000 a month? A: Set realistic expectations, celebrate small wins, and remind yourself of the long-term vision. Surround yourself with a supportive community or mentor who can provide guidance and encouragement along the way.


Q: Is it easy to make $ 10,000 a month as a student? A: Making $ 10,000 a month requires hard work, dedication, and consistent effort. While it's not necessarily easy, with the right opportunity and mindset, it is achievable.

Q: What are the risks involved in starting an online business? A: Like any business venture, there are risks associated with starting an online business. It's important to thoroughly research and plan, understand market demand, and be prepared to adapt to the evolving landscape.

Q: Can I start an online business while still being a full-time student? A: It is possible to start and manage an online business while being a full-time student, but it requires effective time management and prioritization. It's crucial to find a balance that allows you to excel academically while building your business.