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Do THIS to make the TikTok Algorithm love you

Do THIS to make the TikTok Algorithm Love You

If you're struggling to get views on TikTok, you might feel like the algorithm actually hates you. But here's the truth: the algorithm is actually trying to show your video to the people who are most likely to watch it. It uses machine learning to analyze viewer behavior and interests, helping it identify the right audience for your content. However, there are some fundamental things about the TikTok algorithm that you may not understand yet, preventing you from getting the views and growth you desire.

In this article, we will break down how the TikTok algorithm works and provide practical steps to improve your videos and increase your views. We'll also address common questions and myths about the algorithm that may be holding you back.

Key Components of the TikTok Algorithm

  1. Targeted Recommendations: The algorithm aims to show your videos to people who are most likely to be interested in them. It analyzes viewer behavior and interests, allowing your content to be seen by those who have watched similar videos.

  2. Watch Time Matters: Videos that have higher watch time are more likely to get more views. If your videos aren't engaging, educational, or entertaining, people won't watch them in their entirety, leading to lower views.

  3. Sample Audiences and Checkpoints: TikTok uses sample audiences and checkpoints to determine if your videos deserve more views. Each video initially gets around 200 to 300 views, serving as a baseline for analysis. If it performs well, it will be pushed to more people. Checkpoints at various view counts help track the video's performance, ensuring it continues to meet the algorithm's key metrics.

Practical Steps to Increase Your Views

  1. Know Your Target Audience: Get clear on who your videos are for and what they want to watch. Consistency in your topic helps the algorithm understand your content better.

  2. Signal Your Content: Utilize hashtags, keywords in descriptions, and the words you speak in your videos to indicate to the algorithm what your content is about. Use text on-screen and concise hooks to grab viewers' attention and get them to stop scrolling.

  3. Improve Watch Time: Create shorter videos to increase your average watch time. Focus on winning the first 3 seconds by using verbal and text-based hooks. Keep your content concise, use engaging edits and visuals, incorporate lists, and tell stories with transitions to hold viewers' attention.

  4. Learn from Past Content: Study successful videos from other creators in your niche, as well as your own successful videos. Analyze their ideas, topics, and formats to understand what resonates with viewers. Engage with comments, ask questions, and build a community to increase watch time and improve video performance.


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Q1: Does posting and ghosting (publishing a video and logging out of the app) help increase views on TikTok?
A1: No, posting and ghosting has no impact on views. The algorithm is not designed to push your video more just because you're not active on the platform. Focus on creating engaging content instead.

Q2: Do posting times matter on TikTok?
A2: No, posting times have no significant impact on views. Post your videos whenever they are ready, and the algorithm will analyze their performance based on watch time and engagement.

Q3: Do I need to post multiple times per day to grow on TikTok?
A3: Posting frequency is not the determining factor for growth. Instead, focus on creating quality content that resonates with your target audience. Posting three to five times per day is not necessary if you can consistently produce engaging videos.

Q4: Is short content or trending content dead on TikTok?
A4: No, short and trending content is still popular and works well on TikTok. While longer content is gaining traction, shorter and trending videos are still essential to TikTok's culture and can be successful.

Q5: Can I have multiple accounts on one phone without affecting views?
A5: Yes, having multiple accounts on one phone does not affect views. However, avoid posting duplicate content across accounts as it may be considered spammy and could lead to penalties.

Q6: I feel like I am shadowbanned on TikTok. What should I do?
A6: Being shadowbanned on TikTok is a misconception. If your views are consistently low, it means your content may not be competitively engaging. Study successful videos, improve your ideas, and focus on delivering quality content to increase your views.

Q7: Why am I stuck at 200 views on my TikTok videos?
A7: If your views are consistently capped at 200, it may indicate that your videos are not competitive enough compared to others on the platform. Analyze your successful videos, learn from them, and create content similar to what has performed well in the past.