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Do Tik-Tok Ads Work with a Print on Demand Store!

Do TikTok Ads Work with a Print on Demand Store?!


In this article, we will explore whether TikTok ads can successfully drive traffic and generate sales for a print-on-demand store. We will document the process of creating a print-on-demand store, designing t-shirts, and running TikTok ads to promote the products. Additionally, we will analyze the results and discuss the effectiveness of TikTok ads as a marketing platform.

Setting Up a Print-on-Demand Store

Print-on-demand is a popular e-commerce business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell customized products on a per-order basis. With print-on-demand, you can create white label products like t-shirts with your own designs and sell them under your own brand or website. One of the benefits of this model is that you don't have to pay for anything until a product is sold, making it a low-cost way to start a business. Popular print-on-demand companies like Printful and Teespring handle the printing and shipping process for you.

Designing T-Shirts and Building a Website

The first step in this experiment was to design a t-shirt. The author chose a design based on a vintage camera pattern from the 1950s, aiming to target camera enthusiasts and those interested in the history of cameras. The design was then set up through a print-on-demand service, in this case, Printful.

Next, a website was created using a pre-made template on Shopify. The author emphasized the importance of choosing a user-friendly platform with easy payment processing capabilities. Product photos provided by Printful were used to showcase the t-shirt on the website. The complete website was built within a day, and the author shared a link for readers to check it out.

TikTok Ads Strategy

Rather than using traditional advertising platforms like Facebook or Snapchat, the author decided to experiment with TikTok ads. TikTok recently released ads to the general public in specific countries, offering an opportunity to run ads on their platform and direct traffic to a website for potential sales.

When advertising on TikTok, it's essential to match the overall style and content of the platform to capture users' attention. The author took a storytelling approach to the ads, aiming to connect with viewers on a personal level. The ads were filmed and edited, creating a narrative around the camera-inspired t-shirt design.

Running TikTok Ads

The author used the TikTok Ads Manager to set up the ads, allowing for more control over targeting. The targeting options were not explicitly discussed in the article, but it can be assumed that they were tailored to reach camera enthusiasts and individuals interested in unique t-shirt designs.

The ads ran for approximately two days, with a total spend of 42.39.Theresultsindicatedaround12kimpressionsandacostperclickof42.39. The results indicated around 12k impressions and a cost per click of 0.30, which highlighted the cost-effectiveness of TikTok ads compared to other platforms. However, the click-through rate (CTR) was only 1.08%, suggesting that the ads did not perform as well as expected.

Results and Profit Analysis

Despite the underwhelming performance of the ads, the experiment still turned a profit. The total revenue generated was 132.32,withacostofgoodssoldof132.32, with a cost of goods sold of 61.91. After subtracting the cost of ads, the total profit amounted to $28.02, providing some return on investment.

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  1. Are TikTok ads cheaper than ads on other platforms?
    • Yes, TikTok ads can be more cost-effective compared to platforms like Facebook. The author's cost per click (CPC) was $0.30, which is significantly lower than the average CPC in 2021.
  2. Can a print-on-demand store be started for free?
    • Yes, starting a print-on-demand store can be done at minimal or no upfront cost. Printful and other similar platforms allow you to set up your store and begin selling products without any upfront payment.
  3. Did the storytelling approach in the ads prove effective for driving sales?
    • The storytelling approach used in the ads did not lead to high conversion rates. While the ads successfully communicated a personal story, they did not provide a strong incentive for viewers to purchase the t-shirt. In future experiments, it would be advisable to focus on highlighting unique selling points and appealing offers.
  4. Is it worth using TikTok ads for e-commerce businesses?
    • TikTok ads can be a viable option for e-commerce businesses, especially considering the lower CPC compared to other platforms. However, it is crucial to carefully craft ads that match the TikTok style and provide a compelling reason for viewers to make a purchase.
  5. How long did it take to set up the print-on-demand store and create the ads?
    • The process of setting up the print-on-demand store, designing t-shirts, building the website, and creating the ads took around a week. This timeline may vary depending on individual skills and experience.

In conclusion, while the TikTok ads in this experiment did not perform as well as expected in terms of click-through rates, they still generated a profit. This indicates that TikTok ads can be a cost-effective marketing platform for e-commerce businesses. By refining ad content and focusing on strong selling points, entrepreneurs can further improve their results on the platform.