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Does Tiktok work for B2B business Ft. Wouter Dorissen | The Sales Acceleration Show

Does Tiktok work for B2B business? Ft. Wouter Dorissen | The Sales Acceleration Show

In this episode of The Sales Acceleration Show, Miguel and Blett invite Wouter Dorissen, the co-founder of Jungle and the marketing CEO on Tiktok, to discuss the potential of Tiktok for businesses. With 31,000 followers on Tiktok, Wouter provides insights into the platform and how it can be utilized for marketing purposes.

Introduction to Wouter Dorissen and Jungle

Wouter Dorissen is the co-founder of Jungle, an online marketing company that specializes in social media campaigns and strategies for both small and big brands. With a focus on creativity and results, Jungle aims to provide an all-round service to its clients. Wouter himself is known as the marketing CEO on Tiktok, where he shares his expertise and insights with a growing audience.

The Power of Tiktok for Businesses

Miguel and Blett start the conversation by acknowledging the underestimated power of Tiktok and why businesses should pay attention to it. They highlight the fact that Tiktok's algorithm favors content, making it easier to gain views and engagement compared to platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Wouter explains that Tiktok allows companies to reach a broad audience without necessarily having a large following. He emphasizes the viral nature of the platform and its potential for content to spread rapidly. With Tiktok, even small brands or startups can compete with bigger established brands without spending as much money or effort.

Personal Branding and Tiktok

The hosts discuss the personal branding aspect of Tiktok and how it can benefit individuals as well as companies. Wouter shares his own experience as the marketing CEO on Tiktok, highlighting the importance of creating content that resonates with viewers. He suggests starting by observing successful videos on the platform and learning from them.

However, the conversation also acknowledges the challenges that companies face when trying to maintain a presence on Tiktok. The production requirements and the need for multiple accounts can be burdensome, especially for larger companies. Wouter advises startups to consider creating multiple accounts to boost their presence, while established brands can focus on building a single account with engaging content.

The Impact of Tiktok on Website Traffic

Miguel raises a concern about the impact of Tiktok on website traffic. While Tiktok can generate a significant number of views, he questions whether it translates into actual website traffic. Wouter admits that he doesn't have much experience in this area, but he believes that Tiktok's focus on personal branding and engaging content can lead viewers to explore a brand further.

He suggests that companies should focus on creating compelling content that encourages viewers to engage with their profiles, where they can find links and more information. While there may not be a direct correlation between Tiktok views and website traffic, the potential for brand exposure and engagement should not be underestimated.

Overcoming the Fear of Being Laughed At

The hosts discuss one of the main concerns that companies have when it comes to Tiktok – the fear of being laughed at. Miguel points out that many businesses want to be taken seriously and fear that Tiktok's lighthearted nature may not align with their brand image. However, Wouter encourages companies to embrace the fun and authenticity that Tiktok offers.

He advises businesses to have fun with their Tiktok content and not to take themselves too seriously. While professionalism is essential, Tiktok provides an opportunity to showcase the human side of a brand and connect with the younger generation who appreciates authenticity.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

In summary, Tiktok can be a powerful tool for businesses, both in terms of personal branding and brand exposure. While challenges may arise from the need for multiple accounts and maintaining a consistent presence, the potential for viral content and engagement makes it worth considering. Companies should focus on creating compelling, authentic content that resonates with viewers and encourages further engagement.

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  1. Can Tiktok be used for B2B businesses?

    • Yes, Tiktok can be utilized by B2B businesses to showcase their brand, engage with their audience, and increase brand exposure.
  2. How can Tiktok help with personal branding?

    • Tiktok provides a platform for individuals to showcase their expertise, connect with their audience, and build a personal brand that can benefit their career or business.
  3. Is there a direct correlation between Tiktok views and website traffic?

    • While Tiktok views may not directly translate into website traffic, the engaging content and brand exposure can lead viewers to explore a brand further, potentially increasing website traffic over time.