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Don’t work at target #dont

Don't Work at Target #dont

Please note that the following article is a rewriting of a script from a video.

Are you considering working at Target? Think again. This article will delve into one person's experience and shed light on the hiring process at the popular retail chain. Brace yourself for a cautionary tale that might make you reconsider your career choices.

The Interview from Hell

Target is notorious for conducting numerous interviews but hiring very few. It seems that even if you manage to secure a job at the company, it could turn out to be the worst decision of your life. Allow me to share a personal anecdote that perfectly encapsulates the frustration and disappointment one might encounter.

Picture this: I was armed with a paper application for Target and inquired where I could submit it. I approached an employee named Chester and politely asked him for directions. Astonishingly, he snatched the application from my hands and promptly deposited it in the nearest trash can. Stunned, I confronted him about his actions, to which he confidently replied, "I did you the biggest favor ever. Now go outside and live your life."

Cut From a Different Cloth

After Chester's blunt dismissal, I made up my mind. I vowed to never step foot inside a Target store again. It made me realize that working at Target requires a different breed of individuals, those who are resilient enough to endure the heartbreak and frustration that may arise from the hiring process. Perhaps, it takes someone "cut from a different cloth" to thrive in such a environment.


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Q: Is it true that Target conducts numerous interviews but hires very few people?
A: Yes, according to the personal experience shared in this article, Target is known for conducting a substantial number of interviews while hiring only a limited number of candidates.

Q: How did the employee at Target react when presented with a paper application?
A: As mentioned in the anecdote, the employee named Chester took the paper application and promptly threw it into the nearest trash can, offering a dismissal that may have seemed shocking to the person sharing the experience.

Q: Did this negative encounter deter the individual from ever returning to Target?
A: Absolutely. The frustration and disappointment experienced by the individual led them to make a firm decision to never visit a Target store again.

Q: What kind of traits might be necessary to excel in a working environment like Target?
A: The article suggests that working at Target might require individuals who possess resilience and can handle potential heartbreak and frustration that may arise during the hiring process.

Q: Is this article categorized as a cautionary tale?
A: Yes, the purpose of this article is to warn individuals about the potential downsides of working at Target and encourage them to rethink their career choices.