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Dropshipping 2024 | NEW Method, No Store Required

Dropshipping 2024 | NEW Method, No Store Required

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Have you been fed up with the challenges and headaches of traditional dropshipping? The good news is that there is a new model that emulates all the benefits of dropshipping without any of the associated headaches. In fact, this new method requires no Shopify store or any store at all. You won't need support staff or have to deal with refunds or tickets. Once this system is set up, it operates on autopilot. Best of all, you won't have to spend any money on ads, as the system provides targeted traffic for free. Are you intrigued? Let's dig deeper into this new dropshipping method and how it works.

Step 1: Find High Ticket Physical Products

In this new dropshipping model, the key is to find high ticket physical products that can generate substantial commissions. You want to focus on products that can earn you a commission of 1100ormore.Aimforproductspricedover1100 or more. Aim for products priced over 1000 to ensure you earn a 10% commission as an affiliate. There are countless niches and products that fit these criteria, so the key is to find a popular product that customers desire.

Step 2: Utilize Keyword Research Tools

To identify popular products, you'll need to use a keyword research tool. A recommended tool is "Keywords Everywhere," a Chrome plugin that provides the search volume data directly under the search bar. By using this tool, you can determine the monthly search volume for specific keywords related to your chosen product. This data will help you gauge the product's popularity and potential demand.

Step 3: Create Multiple Videos

In this dropshipping model, you'll be turning your chosen product into a video format. The next step is to create multiple videos to target various keywords related to your product. Using a platform like Canva, you can create engaging videos by utilizing templates that are available for free. The videos should be around 20 seconds long and feature images of the product and relevant keywords.

Step 4: Upload Videos to YouTube

Once you've created the videos, it's time to upload them to YouTube. Before uploading, make sure to tag the video file and thumbnail with the targeted keyword. This step helps Google and YouTube understand the video's content and optimize its visibility. The goal is to have these videos ranked at the top of Google and YouTube search results.

Step 5: Implement the Magic Funnel

To enhance your videos' visibility and ensure long-term traffic, you should utilize the Magic Funnel strategy. This strategy involves organizing your videos within a funnel system that not only ranks them but also builds a free email list. The Magic Funnel system automates traffic, leads, and sales generation without any ad costs. By implementing this system, your videos will dominate the search results and maintain their top positions for years to come.

Step 6: Negotiate Affiliate Contracts

With your videos ranked and traffic flowing, it's time to reach out to product vendors with your impressive rankings and traffic metrics. Send them screenshots of your videos and demonstrate the potential traffic you could direct their way. Most products have affiliate programs, which you can now leverage with your impressive traffic numbers. Simply request to join their affiliate program and start earning commissions for each sale generated through your videos.

The Potential Earnings

While results may vary, let's explore the potential earnings with this dropshipping model. Based on certain assumptions, such as an overall search volume of 50,000 searches per month for all your keywords and a conservative 1% click-through rate, you could expect 160 sales per month. With a 10% conversion rate, this translates to 16,000permonthoralmost16,000 per month or almost 200,000 per year. Of course, these numbers are based on specific assumptions and can vary depending on various factors. However, it's evident that this new dropshipping method has the potential to generate significant passive income.


To summarize, this new dropshipping model eliminates the need for a store, automates traffic generation, and enables you to earn commissions without any paid ads. By leveraging high ticket physical products, targeted videos, and the Magic Funnel system, you can dominate YouTube and Google search results while building a profitable affiliate business.


Dropshipping, New model, Benefits, Traffic, Autopilot, High ticket physical products, YouTube, Google, Affiliate contract


Q: Do I need to have a Shopify store or any store to implement this dropshipping model? A: No, this new method does not require a Shopify store or any store at all.

Q: Do I need to spend money on ads to generate traffic for my products? A: No, the system provides targeted traffic on autopilot for free, eliminating the need for paid ads.

Q: How long does it take to set up this dropshipping model? A: Setting up the system, creating videos, and implementing the Magic Funnel may take a few hours initially. Once set up, the system runs on autopilot.

Q: Can I apply this dropshipping model to any product? A: Yes, as long as the product fits the criteria of being a high ticket physical item, you can implement this model regardless of the niche.

Q: Is this dropshipping method sustainable in the long term? A: While results may vary, the combination of targeted videos, the Magic Funnel system, and competitive advantages make this dropshipping model resilient to competition.

Q: Is this dropshipping model suitable for beginners? A: Yes, this method is beginner-friendly as it does not require complex technical skills or extensive marketing experience. It provides a straightforward roadmap to success.

Q: How do I negotiate affiliate contracts with product vendors? A: Reach out to vendors with your impressive video rankings and traffic metrics. Show them the potential business you can bring, and most vendors will be open to discussing affiliate agreements.

Q: Can I implement this dropshipping model for multiple products simultaneously? A: Yes, you can apply this model to multiple products and create a portfolio of profitable affiliate businesses. The scalability of this method allows for continuous growth and increased earnings potential.