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Good morning, everybody! Welcome to the KISA Consulting Small Business Power Hour, April 2022 edition. This morning, we are going to be discussing the effectiveness of logistics management for SMEs. We have the area manager, Mr. John Lopez, from DHL Nigeria, with us to take us through how SMEs can effectively learn to manage logistic issues. Mr. Lopez has 16 years of experience working with logistics SMEs across different fields.


Logistics management is a key challenge for small businesses. The movement of goods from one point to another and delivering products effectively is crucial for the profitability and success of SMEs. In this section, we will focus on e-commerce-based SMEs and how they can handle logistics effectively.

To effectively manage logistics, it is recommended for small business owners to partner with a reputable logistics company, such as DHL. Running your own logistics business can be costly and time-consuming, and partnering with an established logistics company can ensure seamless delivery to customers. DHL offers brand alignment and a strong logistics network to help small businesses fulfill their last-mile deliveries efficiently.

Mitigating Time Limitations

To mitigate time limitations in handling logistics, small business owners can partner with DHL's e-commerce services. DHL's global coverage and collaboration with custom authorities enable smooth and timely delivery of goods. By aligning with DHL, small business owners can rely on their expertise and network to handle customs clearance and ensure prompt delivery to customers.

DHL E-commerce Support

DHL provides various support services for e-commerce businesses in Nigeria. Small business owners can open an account with DHL by filling out an account opening form, providing necessary documents such as their CAC certificate and TIN. DHL offers customized rates based on projected volumes and provides a dedicated account manager to support and guide businesses in managing their shipments effectively.

Key Benefits of Partnering with DHL

Partnering with DHL offers several advantages for small businesses:

  1. Increased Efficiency: By focusing on their core products and services, small business owners can improve their efficiency and productivity.

  2. Access to Global Markets: DHL's global network allows small businesses to reach customers worldwide, expanding their customer base and revenue potential.

  3. Competitive Shipping Rates: Through DHL's e-commerce services, small businesses can access discounted shipping rates, enabling them to remain competitive in the market.

  4. Reliable Tracking and Delivery: DHL's tracking system provides real-time visibility of shipments, ensuring businesses and customers are updated on the status of their deliveries.


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  1. How can small businesses effectively manage logistics? Small businesses can effectively manage logistics by partnering with reputable logistics companies such as DHL, which provides brand alignment, expertise, and a global network for seamless deliveries.

  2. Does DHL offer discounts for small business owners? Yes, DHL offers discounts for small business owners based on their projected volumes and shipping requirements. By opening an account with DHL, small businesses can access customized rates and benefits.

  3. What are the advantages of partnering with DHL for e-commerce businesses? Partnering with DHL allows e-commerce businesses to expand their reach to global markets, access competitive shipping rates, track and manage shipments efficiently, and receive support from dedicated account managers.

  4. How can small business owners mitigate time limitations in handling logistics? Small business owners can mitigate time limitations by partnering with DHL, which has a global presence and strong customs cooperation. DHL's expertise and network help businesses streamline customs clearance and ensure timely deliveries to customers.

  5. What support does DHL provide for e-commerce businesses in Nigeria? DHL provides support for e-commerce businesses in Nigeria through account opening, customized rates based on volumes, packaging guidance, insurance options, payment terms, return policies, shipment visibility, and on-demand delivery services.

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