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Earn $10.00 Every 40 Seconds For FREE (Make Money Online 2024)

Earn $10.00 Every 40 Seconds For FREE (Make Money Online 2024)

Are you looking for a way to make money online without any investment or previous experience? Look no further! In this article, we will discuss a simple system that allows complete beginners to earn over $10 in less than 40 seconds of work. And the best part is, it can be done from any country around the world.

To set up this system, you will need to follow a few steps. Don't worry, it doesn't require building a website, having social media followers, or investing thousands of dollars. Let's get started!

Step 1: Sign up for

The first step is to go to, a free website where you can get paid for shortening links. When people click on your shortened link, they will be redirected to a page with ads. You will earn ad revenue when they skip those ads. People have been making 5to5 to 10 on autopilot just from these clicks. Register an account and log in to access your dashboard where you can track your clicks and earnings.

Step 2: Join the Audible Affiliate Program

Audible is a platform where people can read and listen to books. By joining Audible's affiliate program, you can make money when someone signs up for a free account through your link. Audible pays 5foreverysignupandanadditional5 for every sign-up and an additional 10 if the person ends up buying something. Sign up for the program and grab your affiliate link.

Step 3: Find an Affiliate Program to Promote

Choose an affiliate program in any niche that you want to promote. It can be anything from software to digital products. Platforms like Warrior Plus, ClickBank, and Digistore24 offer a wide range of affiliate programs. Pick one and grab your affiliate link.

Step 4: Use to Create a Landing Page

Sign up for, a free tool that allows you to create a landing page with multiple links. Add the links to the products you want to promote, such as the audible book or the link. Customize the page and save it.

Step 5: Generate Content Using AI Tools

Use AI tools like ChatGPT and to generate content for your marketing efforts. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to write a step-by-step guide on a specific topic, such as "How to Get More Views on YouTube." Create a PDF guide using a tool like Canva and include your affiliate links within the guide.

Now that you have your landing page and content ready, it's time to drive traffic to your links. You can share your content on platforms like Medium or start an Instagram page where you offer valuable advice related to your affiliate products. You can also share your links on other social media platforms or create YouTube videos with relevant links in the descriptions.

Step 7: Track Your Earnings and Optimize

Continuously monitor your clicks, earnings, and conversions from your affiliate links. Optimize your strategy by focusing on what works and scaling it up. Experiment with different platforms and content types to maximize your earnings.

By following these steps, you can start making money online for free. Remember, this system may not make you rich or a millionaire overnight, but it's a great way to start earning money online without any investment or experience.

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Q1: Is this system suitable for beginners?

Yes, this system is perfect for beginners as it requires no previous experience or investment. Anyone can set it up and start earning money online.

Q2: Do I need to have a large following or create a website?

No, you don't need a large social media following or a website to make money with this system. All you need is the willingness to promote affiliate products and drive traffic to your links.

Q3: Can I earn money from multiple affiliate programs?

Absolutely! You can promote products from various affiliate programs and earn money from each conversion or sale.

Q4: How can I track my earnings and optimize my strategy?

You can use the tracking features provided by platforms like and Audible's affiliate program to monitor your clicks and earnings. Additionally, you can analyze your traffic sources and engagement levels to optimize your strategy for better results.

Q5: Is there a limit to how much money I can make with this system?

There is no specific limit to how much money you can make. The more effort you put into promoting your links and driving traffic, the more money you can potentially earn. It depends on your dedication and the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Q6: Are there any costs involved in setting up this system?

No, this system can be set up for free. There are no upfront costs or investments required. However, keep in mind that some AI tools may have premium features or pricing plans if you choose to use them extensively.


Setting up a system to make money online doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. With the right tools and strategies, even beginners can start earning money in a short amount of time. Follow the steps outlined in this guide and begin your journey towards financial independence. Remember, consistency and optimization are key in achieving success in the online business world.