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Ep 40. TikTok Office Hour with August (Iris Tracking, Making a 2D game)

Ep 40. TikTok Office Hour with August (Iris Tracking, Making a 2D game)

In this episode of TikTok Office Hours, host Selene and August discuss various topics such as iris tracking, making a 2D game, and render order in Effect House. They start by talking about iris tracking and how it can be used to create effects like laser eyes. August demonstrates how to implement iris tracking using eye movement and blend shapes in Effect House. They also discuss their weekend activities, including watching the solar eclipse and exploring Culver City.

Next, they address a question from a viewer who wants to make a game similar to Soan. August provides tips on how to start creating a game like this, including using a for loop to move objects and check for collisions. He also suggests using a grid system to track object positions and ensuring that each object is pushed in the direction of the player's movement.

Later, they dive into the topic of render order in Effect House. August explains how the render nodes and camera settings affect the order in which objects are rendered. He also discusses the importance of depth testing, depth writing, and the depth function in managing object visibility.

To conclude, they announce an upcoming Crash Course on visual scripting and share a recommendation for the Bandai Namco account on TikTok, which showcases creative effects.


  • Iris tracking
  • 2D game development
  • Render order
  • Depth testing
  • Grid system
  • Collision detection


  • How can I implement iris tracking in my effects?
  • What are some tips for creating a 2D game in Effect House?
  • How does the render order work in Effect House?
  • What is depth testing and how does it affect object visibility?
  • Can you provide more details about collision detection in a game?