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FREE & EASY: 19 Websites To Make Money Online For Beginners In 2024 - Up to US$600 Per Task

FREE & EASY: 19 Websites To Make Money Online For Beginners In 2024 - Up to US$600 Per Task

The internet offers countless opportunities for individuals looking to make money online, especially for beginners. In this detailed guide, we will explore 19 credible and reputable websites where you can start earning with minimal experience. These websites are beginner-friendly, easy to use, and completely free to get started. While you may not make a fortune from these platforms, they can provide a good source of income, especially if you commit to them. Some websites offer tasks that pay up to $600, while others allow you to earn money by completing simple activities like entering an email address or transcribing audio files. Regardless of your skill set or interests, there is something here for everyone. is an underrated platform where you can earn between 5and5 and 20 per audio hour by transcribing podcasts, audios, or YouTube content. All you need to do is listen to the audio files and type out what you hear. Once you submit your transcriptions, you will start earning based on the length of the audio. is an app where you can earn 5to5 to 6 for every referral who enters their email address for an offer available on the platform. With the Topmob app, you can easily collect emails and start earning through referrals.


Cashstar offers various activities such as watching videos, playing games, and promoting offers, allowing you to earn money. While the earnings may not be substantial, they can help offset a bill or make smaller purchases.

Microworkers is a beginner-friendly platform where you can complete simple tasks like sharing social media posts or searching for specific things on Google. Each task may only pay 5 to 10 cents, but with consistency, the earnings can add up over time.


Kit is a platform where you can build an e-commerce store for free and earn affiliate commissions by selling Amazon products. You can create collections of products, known as "kits," and promote them through various channels. When someone purchases a kit, you earn a commission from Amazon.

DFYDave offers various roles in YouTube automation, such as scriptwriting, video editing, and channel management. You can earn between 1,000and1,000 and 6,000 per month depending on the position and your skills. allows you to earn commissions by promoting different offers. While having a social media presence can be beneficial, you can still promote offers through other platforms like Pinterest or Quora.

SocialTradia is a platform where you can grow Instagram accounts with less than 3,000 followers and sell them for profit. These accounts could be appealing to individuals looking for a ready-made channel to take to the next level.

SMS Profit

SMS Profit is an Android app that allows you to passively earn around 10to10 to 15 per month by receiving text messages. Simply install the app on multiple devices and earn money passively over time.

MC Money

MC Money is another platform that pays you to receive text messages. Similar to SMS Profit, you download the app, register your device, and start earning passively.


Observer is a website and app where you can earn money by taking photos, participating in mystery shopping tasks, and completing quick assignments. It's a user-friendly platform that allows you to earn extra cash in your free time.

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is a platform where you can earn money by participating in research surveys. Simply sign up, start taking surveys, and accumulate earnings over time.

Listverse is a platform where you can earn $100 per article by writing unique 2,000-word articles on specific topics. Submit your article through their online form, and if approved, you will receive payment for your contribution.

Usamme allows you to offer freelance writing services and earn up to 10 cents per word. With consistent writing projects, you can accumulate a substantial income over time.

Long Reads offers $500 for long-form content, specifically personal essays. If you enjoy writing personal essays and can create compelling content, Longreads is a platform where you can earn money for your submissions.

Testable Minds

Testable Minds is a platform where you can earn money by testing websites, apps, and participating in surveys. Simply sign up, choose the tasks that interest you, and get paid via PayPal.

Ad Wallet

Ad Wallet allows you to earn up to 3pervideobywatchingads.Cashoutyourearningswhenyoureach3 per video by watching ads. Cash out your earnings when you reach 10, giving you the opportunity to accumulate income by simply watching videos.


1. Can you make a significant amount of money on these websites? While these websites may not make you rich, they provide an opportunity to earn a steady income. With consistency and commitment, the earnings can add up over time.

2. Are these websites beginner-friendly? Yes, these websites are beginner-friendly and easy to use. They require minimal experience and offer step-by-step instructions for getting started.

3. Are these websites completely free to join? Yes, all the websites mentioned in this guide are free to join. They provide an avenue for you to earn money without any upfront costs.

4. How often can I expect to get paid on these platforms? Each website has its own payment schedule. Some may pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of each platform to understand their payment process.

5. Can I do these tasks from my phone? Yes, many of these tasks can be done from your phone. This convenience allows you to earn money on the go and maximize your time.

6. Are these platforms available worldwide? Most of these platforms are available worldwide. However, some may have specific country restrictions. Check the requirements and availability of each platform before getting started.

7. How much time do I need to invest to make money on these platforms? The amount of time you invest will depend on the tasks and projects you choose. Some tasks require more time and effort, while others can be done quickly. You have the flexibility to choose what works best for your schedule.

8. Can I use multiple platforms simultaneously to maximize my earnings? Yes, you can use multiple platforms simultaneously to increase your earnings. However, make sure to manage your time effectively and not overwhelm yourself with too many tasks.

In conclusion, the internet offers numerous opportunities for beginners to make money online. Whether you have a specific skill set or prefer simple tasks, there is a platform tailored to your interests. Remember, consistency and dedication are key to maximizing your earnings on these platforms. So, choose the websites that align with your strengths and start earning today!