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Facebook ads vs TikTok ads, what’s the difference and where should you be advertising #ecommerce

Facebook ads vs TikTok ads, what’s the difference and where should you be advertising? #ecommerce

In the world of social media advertising, two platforms have emerged as major players - Facebook and TikTok. Both offer opportunities for businesses to reach a large audience and promote their products or services. However, there are some key differences between these platforms that make them suitable for different advertising strategies.

Facebook Ads: A Developed and Data-Backed Platform

Facebook ads have been around for a long time and have become a mature and developed platform. Due to its extensive presence and user base, Facebook gathers a vast amount of data, providing advertisers with valuable insights and targeting options.

One of the main advantages of Facebook ads is the ability to run conversion-based campaigns for products across a wide price range. Higher-priced products can perform well on this platform due to its established user base and various ad formats that allow for product showcases and detailed descriptions.

TikTok Ads: A New Platform with Growing Potential

TikTok ads, on the other hand, are relatively new but gaining significant traction. Despite the lack of extensive data, this platform has quickly amassed a substantial user base and is generating income for advertisers.

For conversion-based campaigns on TikTok, it is recommended to focus on lower-priced products. This is not a strict rule, but based on the data observed so far, lower-priced items tend to perform better on this platform. The reason behind this trend is not entirely clear but may be attributed to the younger demographic and the nature of content consumption on TikTok.

Advertising Strategy Recommendation: Leveraging Both Platforms

In an ideal scenario, an e-commerce business should combine the strengths of both Facebook and TikTok ads. Setting up TikTok campaigns as brand awareness initiatives can help build an audience and create top-of-mind presence. As users become familiar with your brand, they can be retargeted on Facebook, where conversion campaigns are more effective.

By retargeting TikTok traffic on Facebook, businesses can capitalize on the established conversion capabilities of the platform. This strategy allows for a comprehensive and effective marketing funnel.


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Q: Which platform is more developed and has more data to support advertising campaigns? A: Facebook ads have been around longer and offer a more developed platform with extensive data for targeting and insights.

Q: Are TikTok ads suitable for higher-priced products? A: TikTok ads perform better for lower-priced products, although exceptions can occur. It is recommended to focus on lower-end items on this platform.

Q: Can both Facebook and TikTok ads be leveraged for a comprehensive advertising strategy? A: Yes, businesses can use TikTok ads for brand awareness and audience building, then retarget the audience on Facebook for conversion campaigns, creating a comprehensive marketing funnel.

Q: Why are TikTok ads recommended for brand awareness campaigns? A: TikTok's younger demographic and content consumption patterns make it ideal for brand awareness initiatives, allowing businesses to build an audience and create top-of-mind presence.