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Fake AI Podcasts ($15K+) Per Month Make Money From Tiktok Creativity Program

Fake AI Podcasts ($15K+) Per Month Make Money From Tiktok Creativity Program

Today, an astonishing discovery was made as a previously unknown Maya tribe was found in the Pacific. This mysterious group of people live in isolated conditions on a row of small islands. However, what caught the attention of many was not the discovery of the tribe itself, but rather a peculiar AI-generated video featuring the popular podcaster, Joe Rogan. Surprisingly, this video garnered over 500,000 views and generated $500 through TikTok's new creativity program.

It appears that an individual or group is using four key components to create these viral fake Joe Rogan podcasts: a viral script, voiceover AI, images, and simple editing techniques. The process begins by obtaining the URL of a fake Joe Rogan viral video on TikTok and using a TikTok video downloader to save it. The downloaded video is then converted from MP4 to MP3 format using an online converter tool. With the MP3 file at hand, the viral script can be extracted.

To generate a high-quality voiceover resembling Joe Rogan's, a specific website is recommended. By pasting the viral script into the website, the AI-powered voiceover is created. After refreshing the page, the voiceover can be downloaded. The next step involves creating AI-generated images using a tool called Leonardo. By inputting relevant keywords from the script and utilizing prompts, various images can be created.

Finally, the video is edited using Cap Cut, either on mobile or PC. The process typically entails placing a brief Joe Rogan clip at the beginning, followed by adding the AI-generated images one by one, in sync with the script. Subtitles can be added using the text function, generating them automatically or adjusting them as desired. The video can then be exported and shared on TikTok.

It is important to note that while this video creation process has gained popularity and financial success on TikTok, it is not endorsed or supported by the real Joe Rogan. Instead of using Joe Rogan's image, a fake AI talking avatar is recommended. It is crucial to respect the intellectual property rights of individuals and avoid using unauthorized content.


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Q: How did the discovery of a Maya tribe connect to the topic of AI-generated videos? A: The article highlights the finding of a Maya tribe in the Pacific but focuses on the use of AI-generated videos, particularly fake Joe Rogan podcasts, which have gained popularity and financial success through TikTok's creativity program.

Q: Can anyone create AI-generated videos in a similar manner? A: Yes, anyone can follow the steps outlined in the article to create AI-generated videos using a combination of viral scripts, voiceover AI, AI-generated images, and simple editing techniques.

Q: Is it legal to use Joe Rogan's image and create fake podcasts featuring him? A: No, it is not legal to use Joe Rogan's image without proper authorization. The article urges creators to respect intellectual property rights and opt for a fake AI talking avatar instead.