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Get Rich Selling Merch on TikTok Shop! (Better Than Print On Demand)

Get Rich Selling Merch on TikTok Shop! (Better Than Print On Demand)

Are you looking to start your own clothing brand or make money by selling T-shirts on TikTok Shop? If so, you may want to steer clear of print-on-demand services for three key reasons. Firstly, the quality of print-on-demand products is often inconsistent and subpar. Secondly, it can be quite expensive compared to the alternative method we'll discuss. Lastly, many TikTok Shops using print-on-demand services are facing suspensions due to shipping delays and discrepancies.

As someone who has been selling merch for 15 years across various e-commerce platforms, I've seen a surge in competition with the rise of print-on-demand companies. However, despite increased competition, my sales continue to grow each year because there is always a demand for new clothes, as well as trends and marketplaces that allow for design exposure.

In this article, I will guide you through the steps to get started selling merch on TikTok Shop and how to become your own supplier, saving you money and ensuring better quality control.

Step 1: Sign up for TikTok Shop

To begin selling on TikTok Shop, you'll need to sign up for an account. Simply visit the provided link and enter your phone number or email. Be sure to select your country and have a valid driver's license or passport. You can sign up as an individual or as a company, depending on your business structure. After completing the registration, you'll need to set up your fulfillment settings, including your Warehouse and return address.

Step 2: Finding Niche Ideas and Designing

If you're unsure about what kind of designs to create, there are several methods to find inspiration. One approach is to use a random word generator website, like "," to generate potential niche ideas. You can also explore design templates on platforms like Placeit or hire a designer on platforms like Fiverr. Additionally, you can experiment with AI-generated designs using tools like OpenAI's GPT models. Once you have your design idea, you can use platforms like Canva or Envato Elements to create high-quality designs.

Step 3: High-Quality Mockups

To showcase your designs on TikTok Shop, you'll need high-quality mockups that comply with the platform's rules. Placeit is a great resource for generating product mockups that appear indistinguishable from real products. Simply choose the apparel category and select the mockup that best suits your design. Customize the mockup by adding your design, adjusting its position, and downloading the high-resolution image.

Step 4: Printing with DTF Transfers

Now let's delve into the most exciting part – printing your merch! Instead of relying on print-on-demand services, you can achieve better quality and affordability by using Direct to Film (DTF) transfers. Companies like DTF Lama offer DTF transfer services where you can import your designs and receive high-quality transfers that can be heat-pressed or ironed onto your garments. The resulting prints are durable, retail-quality, and highly customizable. DTF technology allows for vibrant and detailed designs and works on a wide range of garments.

Step 5: Sourcing Blanks and Trading

To maximize your profit margins, you'll need to source blank apparel at wholesale prices. Companies like SanMar and S&S Activewear offer wholesale accounts that provide significant discounts on bulk purchases. By purchasing in bulk, you can obtain shirts, hoodies, hats, and more at a fraction of the cost compared to print-on-demand services. This gives you greater flexibility to price your products competitively and increase your profits.

Step 6: Shipping and Packaging

Shipping your products is a crucial aspect of running your merch business. To protect and present your shirts professionally, consider using transparent poly bags for packaging. These can be purchased in bulk at affordable prices. Additionally, you can include personalized thank you cards or promotional materials inside the package. When it comes to shipping, utilizing USPS First Class is often the most cost-effective method, with prices around $4.50 for shipping a shirt domestically.

By following these steps, you can establish your own clothing brand, have full control over the quality and production process, and make better profit margins compared to print-on-demand services. Good luck with your TikTok Shop journey!


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Q1: How is DTF transfer technology better than print-on-demand services? A1: DTF transfers offer superior quality, durability, and customization options compared to print-on-demand services. The prints are retail-quality, vibrant, and highly detailed, giving you an edge in the market.

Q2: Are DTF transfers cost-effective for small-scale businesses? A2: Yes, DTF transfers present a cost-effective solution, especially when sourcing blanks at wholesale prices. This allows for better profit margins, even for smaller-scale businesses.

Q3: Can I apply DTF transfers without a heat press? A3: While a heat press is ideal for achieving the best results, you can still apply DTF transfers with an iron. However, a heat press offers more consistent heat and pressure, resulting in better quality prints.

Q4: How should I price my merch on TikTok Shop? A4: Pricing depends on various factors, including production costs, design uniqueness, market demand, and competition. Research similar products on the platform to gauge appropriate pricing for your merch.

Q5: Can I use DTF transfers for different types of apparel? A5: Absolutely! DTF transfers can be used on various garments, including shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. The versatility of DTF technology allows you to expand your merchandise offerings.

These FAQs cover some common questions that may arise when starting your journey on TikTok Shop with DTF transfers. Remember to adapt your strategies based on ever-changing market trends and customer preferences.