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Gugulethu Siso, Founder and CEO of Thumeza Fintech In Conversation With Trevor

Gugulethu Siso, Founder and CEO of Thumeza Fintech In Conversation With Trevor

Gugulethu Siso, also known as Goo, is the co-founder and CEO of Thumeza Fintech. In a recent conversation with Trevor, she shared her journey as an entrepreneur and the lessons she has learned along the way. Goo's career has spanned various projects and industries, from logistics to fintech, each one shaping her into the entrepreneur she is today.

Tesa Fintech: Providing Credit to Small Scale Transporters

Tesa Fintech is an online loan management platform that provides credit to small-scale Transporters. By using technology and leveraging data, Tesa Fintech aims to offer credit to a high-risk demographic while still ensuring a profitable business model. The company focuses on serving a niche market in the logistics and fintech space.

Tesa Logistics: Aggregating Small Scale Transporters

Before founding Tesa Fintech, Goo was the founder and CEO of Tesa Logistics. This company served as a logistics aggregator, connecting small-scale Transporters with contracts they wouldn't typically have access to. By aggregating these Transporters, Tesa Logistics aimed to provide them with more opportunities and increased revenue.

Global Business Labs: Incubating and Accelerating Startups

Goo also spent time as part of the Global Business Labs (GBL), a Swedish business accelerator that provided incubation and acceleration support to startups. GBL offered startups access to essential services like accounting, marketing, and legal assistance. By providing these services, GBL aimed to help startups succeed and overcome the challenges they often face in the early stages.

99 Investments: Managing Trolley Solutions for Retailers

As the co-founder and managing director of 99 Investments, Goo focused on trolley management solutions for retailers. The company offered trolley guards, trolley servicing, and trolley replacements to large retailers in Namibia. 99 Investments aimed to address the problem of lost and damaged trolleys, resulting in significant capital expenditures for retailers.

Taking Off: The Next Phase for Gugulethu Siso

After navigating the ups and downs of different ventures, Gugulethu Siso believes that her career is now taking off. She has found product-market fit with Tesa Fintech and believes the company can provide significant value to investors and stakeholders. Goo's resilience and determination have driven her through the challenging moments of being an entrepreneur, and she remains optimistic about the future.

The Importance of Delusion and Optimism in Entrepreneurship

Goo acknowledges the significance of delusion and optimism in entrepreneurship. The ability to believe in oneself and the potential of one's ideas is crucial for pushing through the difficult moments. While entrepreneurship can be challenging and filled with failures, the delusion that success is within reach is often what keeps entrepreneurs going.

The Lesson: Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

One of the key lessons Goo has learned throughout her journey is the importance of not identifying oneself solely with a business. The collapse of 99 Investments taught her the value of diversifying and not putting all her eggs in one basket. She has since reframed her mindset and has a plan in place in case of unforeseen circumstances.

The Next Big Thing: Growth and the Importance of Networks

Goo's focus now is on the growth of Tesa Fintech and expanding its value-added services. She aims to disburse $ 100 million to small-scale Transporters and continue supporting marginalized startups. Goo believes that networks are crucial in the African startup ecosystem and hopes to see more local investors supporting entrepreneurs from similar backgrounds.

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