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Hướng dẫn KIẾM TIỀN NGAY từ AFFILIATE TIKTOK SHOP chi tiết cập nhật mới nhất 2024 | Hồ Mạnh Thắng

Hướng dẫn KIẾM TIỀN NGAY từ AFFILIATE TIKTOK SHOP chi tiết cập nhật mới nhất 2024 | Hồ Mạnh Thắng

Step 1: Introduction and Product Selection

In today's economic crisis, earning a monthly income of 30 to 50 million is not an easy task. However, there is a method called affiliate marketing that allows you to generate income without the risk of investing capital. To start, you need to find a quality and reputable product to promote. Choose a product that customers can reuse and that can be easily sold and shipped online.

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Step 2: Setting Up Your TikTok Shop

To begin earning commissions from affiliate marketing on TikTok Shop, you first need to download the TikTok and TikTok Seller Center applications. Create an account using your Gmail or phone number and ensure your profile is complete, including a suitable avatar image and a biography that reflects your profession. Switch to a business account in the settings to access additional benefits.

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Step 3: Adding Products and Creating Videos

Add the products you want to promote to your TikTok Shop by linking your seller account. You can choose a product line that offers high commissions. Create short and engaging videos, around one minute in length, to promote the products. Use popular platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook to share your videos and gain exposure. It's crucial to use catchy titles, relevant keywords, and add the product link in the description.

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Step 4: Promoting Your Videos and Gaining Followers

To attract more viewers and potential customers, send your videos to friends and family through messaging apps such as Messenger or Zalo. Encourage them to support your videos and provide feedback. The more interaction and comments your videos receive, the higher the chance of being recommended to a broader audience. Aim to reach a minimum of 1,000 followers to activate the shopping cart feature on TikTok Shop.

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Step 5: Withdrawing Your Commissions

Monitor your earnings in the Seller Center and link your Yalo account for easy and quick withdrawal of your commissions. The process is simple, and you can withdraw your balance in seconds. Take note of the withdrawal fees, which may vary. Enjoy the benefits of earning a consistent income through successful affiliate marketing.

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Q1: Are there any risks involved in affiliate marketing? A1: Affiliate marketing carries minimal risks as you don't need to invest capital. However, the success of your business depends on selecting reputable products and effectively promoting them.

Q2: How can I attract more customers to buy from me repeatedly? A2: By choosing product lines that customers can reuse and products that have a high demand and low cost, you can create a loyal customer base who will continue to purchase from you.

Q3: How can I increase my chances of success in affiliate marketing? A3: Consistently creating engaging and attractive video content, promoting your videos to a wider audience, and focusing on customer satisfaction can significantly increase your chances of success.

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This article provides a detailed guide on how to earn money through affiliate marketing on TikTok Shop. It covers the steps involved, from selecting the right products and setting up your shop to creating engaging videos and promoting them. By following these steps, you can generate a monthly income of 30 to 50 million VND or more.