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Welcome to episode 4 of Pixel Town, season 2. In today's video, Rage Elixir catches General Lee trying to break into his home at 3:00 AM. The suspense builds as we watch to find out what General Lee is up to. Can Rage Elixir stop him before it's too late? Make sure to watch the entire video to uncover the shocking truth.


In this episode, Rage Elixir discovers General Lee attempting to break into his house during the early hours of the morning. The unexpected intrusion raises concerns and prompts him to take action. Join us as we delve into the thrilling events that unfold and discover the motive behind General Lee's actions.

The Break-In

Rage Elixir is taken aback when he spots General Lee attempting to break into his home. Confusion and suspicion fill the air as he confronts General Lee, demanding answers for his actions. Little does Rage Elixir know that Tinky Bell, his trusty companion armed with a digital camera, has been capturing the entire incident.

The Evidence

Tinky Bell diligently captures photos of General Lee in the act, documenting his presence and activities inside Rage Elixir's house. However, the situation escalates as General Lee becomes aware of Tinky Bell's actions, putting both of them at risk. The chase is on as Rage Elixir and Tinky Bell navigate the house, trying to collect evidence without being caught.


Despite their best efforts, General Lee manages to break Rage Elixir's bed and rummage through his belongings. Furious and determined, Rage Elixir confronts General Lee, demanding an explanation for his invasion. General Lee accuses Rage Elixir of hiding someone, but Rage Elixir denies any knowledge of General Lee's claims, vowing to reveal the truth to the king.

A Betrayal Exposed

Rage Elixir decides to report General Lee's break-in to the king, armed with the incriminating evidence captured by Tinky Bell. In a meeting with the king and his advisor, Ash, Rage Elixir presents the photos, exposing General Lee's illegal actions. However, there seems to be more to the story, as General Lee claims he can explain the situation.

Unforeseen Turn of Events

Before General Lee can provide an explanation, he suddenly disappears, and Ash hands Rage Elixir an object dropped by the king. Uncertain of what it signifies, Rage Elixir realizes things have taken an unexpected turn. With a newfound realization, Rage Elixir finds himself surrounded by robots and begins to fear the consequences of his actions.


  • General Lee
  • Break-in
  • Evidence
  • Confrontation
  • Betrayal
  • King
  • Robots


  1. What is General Lee trying to do in Rage Elixir's house?

    • General Lee is attempting to break into Rage Elixir's house at 3:00 AM, and the motive behind his actions is revealed later in the episode.
  2. How does Tinky Bell help Rage Elixir?

    • Tinky Bell captures photos of General Lee's break-in using a digital camera, providing crucial evidence for Rage Elixir.
  3. What happens when Rage Elixir confronts General Lee?

    • Rage Elixir confronts General Lee about his invasion and demands an explanation. General Lee accuses him of hiding someone, leading to a heated exchange.
  4. How does Rage Elixir seek justice?

    • Rage Elixir presents the incriminating evidence to the king, hoping to expose General Lee's actions and seek justice for the break-in.
  5. What unfolds during the meeting with the king and advisor?

    • Before General Lee can provide an explanation, he disappears, leaving Rage Elixir with an object dropped by the king, which leads to an unexpected turn of events.
  6. Why does Rage Elixir find himself surrounded by robots?

    • The robots appear to recognize Rage Elixir as their king, leaving him bewildered and fearing the consequences of his actions.

Please note that the above information is a summary of the script provided and may not reflect the complete storyline or sequence of events in the actual video.