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Have you heard this song #viralsong #tiktok #michaeljackson #shorts

Have you heard this song? #viralsong #tiktok #michaeljackson #shorts

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Well, you may have heard this song on the top charts, but did you know that its viral success goes back much further? Two years ago, a young Christian Wilson's video was posted on Instagram and caught the attention of none other than Chris Brown. This catapulted Wilson to fame, as his video gained almost two million views. But this is just the beginning of his incredible journey.

Christian Wilson, known for his consistent singing, kept pursuing his passion and eventually did a remarkable tribute performance to the legendary Michael Jackson. Little did he know that this would catch the eye of the right people and pave the way for his big break. Wilson found himself in New York, where he landed the coveted role of young Michael Jackson in the Broadway musical, "MJ."

The song Christian is singing in the video goes even further back in time, almost 40 years ago. It holds significance because it was written and produced by the same man who sang and wrote this iconic track.


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Q: Who is Christian Wilson? A: Christian Wilson is a talented singer who gained recognition after his video was reposted by Chris Brown on Instagram almost two years ago.

Q: What role did Chris Brown play in Christian Wilson's rise to fame? A: Chris Brown's repost of Christian Wilson's video on Instagram helped it gain almost two million views, ultimately propelling Wilson into the limelight.

Q: How did Christian Wilson end up in New York? A: Christian Wilson's tribute performance to Michael Jackson caught the attention of the right people, leading him to secure the role of young Michael Jackson in the Broadway musical, "MJ."

Q: What is the significance of the song Christian Wilson is singing? A: The song Christian Wilson is singing in the video is from almost 40 years ago and was written and produced by the same artist who performed the iconic track.