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How Do Taxes Work On TikTok

How Do Taxes Work On TikTok?

TikTok has become a platform where many young kids are making a significant amount of money. However, it is important to understand how taxes work on the platform, especially for those who may be new to earning income. In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about taxes on TikTok, including what income you need to pay taxes on, how much you need to pay, and the deductions you can claim.

Income Sources on TikTok

There are three main ways you can earn income on TikTok: the Creator Fund, donations, and sponsorships. Each of these income sources is treated slightly differently in terms of taxation.

  1. Creator Fund: TikTok's Creator Fund is not similar to YouTube AdSense. It is a $ 200 million fund created by TikTok to pay creators for making content. The payout from the Creator Fund is not transparent, and TikTok decides how much creators receive based on their discretion. If you receive income from the Creator Fund, TikTok will send you a 1099 form at the end of the year to report your earnings. Even if you earn under $ 600, which does not require a 1099 form, it is still your responsibility to report that income to the IRS.

  2. Donations: Donations received on TikTok are also subject to taxation. Although they are referred to as donations, they are still considered taxable income. As with the Creator Fund, TikTok will provide you with a 1099 form for reporting purposes if you receive $ 600 or more in donations.

  3. Sponsorships: If you collaborate with brands and receive sponsorships for your TikTok content, you will also need to report this income. Brands may provide both monetary compensation and free products for promotion. If you receive over $ 100 worth of free products, you are legally required to report it as income, along with any monetary compensation. Similar to the Creator Fund and donations, TikTok or the brand may send you a 1099 form if the sponsorship payment is $ 600 or more.

Deductions on TikTok

To reduce the amount of taxes you owe, you can claim deductions on your TikTok income. You can deduct any business expenses that are both ordinary and necessary. This can include items such as a ring light, camera, microphone, and other equipment directly related to your TikTok content creation. However, it is important to note that deductions are not "free money" – they reduce your taxable income rather than providing a dollar-for-dollar reduction in taxes.

To determine which deductions are valid for your situation, it is recommended to consult a tax specialist. They can guide you on what expenses qualify as ordinary and necessary for your specific business. It is crucial to maintain proper records and receipts for your deductions to support them in case of any IRS inquiries.

Your net income, which is your income minus deductions, is the amount you will be taxed on. It is advisable to ensure your expenses are proportional to your earnings and avoid overspending on deductions just for the sake of reducing taxes.


TikTok creators need to be aware of their tax obligations on the platform. Income from the Creator Fund, donations, and sponsorships are subject to taxation, with TikTok and brands potentially providing 1099 forms for reporting income. Deductions can be claimed, but they should be both ordinary and necessary to reduce taxable income. It is recommended to consult a tax specialist for personalized advice and to set aside a portion of earnings for tax payments.


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Q: What income on TikTok is subject to taxation? A: Income from the TikTok Creator Fund, donations, and sponsorships is subject to taxation.

Q: What is a 1099 form? A: A 1099 form is a document that companies send to independent contractors to report their income. TikTok and brands may provide creators with a 1099 form to report their earnings.

Q: Can I claim deductions for my TikTok business expenses? A: Yes, you can claim deductions for business expenses that are both ordinary and necessary. However, it is advisable to consult a tax specialist to ensure you are deducting valid expenses.

Q: Do I need to pay quarterly taxes on my TikTok earnings? A: If your net income is expected to be over $ 10,000 for the year, it is recommended to pay quarterly taxes to avoid penalties. However, the decision to pay quarterly taxes or annually can vary depending on individual circumstances.

Q: Should I hire a tax specialist for my TikTok income? A: Consulting a tax specialist can be beneficial, especially if you have a significant amount of income from TikTok. They can provide personalized advice, help maximize deductions, and ensure compliance with tax regulations.