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How I Make $12,227 Per Month With Tiktok Creativity Program

How I Make $12,227 Per Month With TikTok Creativity Program

Note: This article is a summary of a video.

TikTok has become a platform where earning money has never been easier. In this video, I will share my secrets on how I generate tens of thousands of dollars through the TikTok Creativity Program. By using AI and creating original content, I have been able to partner with popular creators and make a significant income.

The key to success on TikTok is choosing the right niche. The AI niche is currently exploding, thanks to advancements in AI technology. By creating original content related to AI, such as 1vs1 vs 100 vs $1,000 slideshows, you can attract millions of views and potentially make thousands of dollars. To avoid strikes and other issues, it's crucial to focus on producing AI-generated content using AI voices, images, videos, text, captions, and subtitles.

To quickly gain followers and meet the requirements for monetization, I have developed a specific strategy. I start by creating slideshows comparing different objects with increasing values. For example, I might compare 1laptopsto1 laptops to 100 laptops to $100,000 laptops. Once I reach 10,000 followers, I convert these slideshows into videos using the Crayo AI feature.

Crayo is a powerful tool that allows unlimited image generation without the refresh rate limitations of other AI models like Chat GPT. By typing prompts into Crayo and customizing settings such as music and AI voice, you can easily generate videos. As long as the video is over one minute long, you can upload it to TikTok and start earning money through the Creativity Program.

TikTok is motivated to help creators make money because they earn twice as much as the creators do from ads. For every 1,000acreatorearnsfromamillionviews,TikTokmakes1,000 a creator earns from a million views, TikTok makes 2,000. Therefore, TikTok is willing to pay creators who consistently produce engaging content. In the AI niche, I have seen creators earn higher RPMs (Revenue per Thousand Views).

I have shared my strategies and secrets in my free Discord server, which includes a marketplace where you can buy TikTok accounts from eligible countries for a small fee. If you are in a country that is not eligible, you can access the Creativity Program by using an account created in an eligible country. With the right knowledge, you can turn TikTok into an infinite money glitch.

Joining my Discord server will provide you with a wealth of information and daily updates on successful strategies. The Creativity Program is still in beta, and as it evolves, more countries will become eligible, and the program will improve. By learning and mastering the skills now, you will be prepared to become a successful money-making machine on TikTok in the future.


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1. Is it really possible to earn $12,227 per month with the TikTok Creativity Program? Yes, by following the strategies and tips mentioned in the video and joining the free Discord server, many creators have been able to achieve significant monthly incomes.

2. Do I need specific skills or knowledge to participate in the Creativity Program? While having some familiarity with AI and being creative can be advantageous, the video and Discord server offer comprehensive guidance for creators of all levels. The program is designed to be accessible and profitable for all.

3. Can I make money with TikTok if I live in a country that's not eligible for the Creativity Program? Yes, by purchasing a TikTok account created in an eligible country, you can still access the Creativity Program and monetize your content.

4. Is the Creativity Program open to all TikTok users? The Creativity Program is still in beta and not available to everyone. However, as the program expands and evolves, more countries will become eligible. It's essential to stay updated through the Discord server for the latest information.

5. How can I join the free Discord server? The link to the Discord server can be found in the description of the video mentioned in this article. It offers a community of like-minded creators, valuable insights, and opportunities to learn and grow on TikTok.